Sinead O'Connor Announces New Album

artist: Sinead O' Connor date: 06/03/2014 category: upcoming releases
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Sinead O'Connor Announces New Album
Sinead O'Connor has announced brand new album, "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" - also revealed kind of striking appearance. See above.

The outspoken Irish star returns as a rubber-clad dominatrix for her 2014 return to music, and will release both her new album, and single "Take Me to Church" on 11 August 2014.

"I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" is O'Connor's 10th studio album and is released on Nettwork Records.

She last made headlines in late 2013 when she penned an open letter to Miley Cyrus, warning the controversial US singer not to be "prostituted" by the music industry. Things got ugly when Cyrus seemingly mocked O'Connor's mental health, but later O'Connor stated that she was a fan of the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

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