Steven Tyler on Working With Johnny Depp: 'It's F--kin' Kinky'

artist: Steven Tyler date: 07/01/2013 category: upcoming releases
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Steven Tyler on Working With Johnny Depp: 'It's F--kin' Kinky'
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is currently working hard on his solo debut record, hoping to release it during the following year. The singer recently sat down with Billboard to discuss the latest affairs in his musical career, including the upcoming album, which might feature special guest appearances from Elton John and Johnny Depp. "I'm just doing a solo record 'cause I think it's f--kin' kinky to go write a song with Johnny Depp," the frontman said. "I think it's f--kin' ridiculous to go write a bunch of songs I started five years ago and never finished. It feeds my passion. I like traveling all over the place and writing songs and seeing what we catch. It's kind of like driftnetting for songs, right." Tyler also pointed out that the fact that he's working on a solo record doesn't mean Aerosmith is either on hold or breaking up, saying, "Me doing a solo record doesn't mean the band isn't working on a record - but I get that in the press one has to hear that from one lead singer of one Aerosmith." The singer previously discussed the sound of the solo record in a separate Rolling Stone interview, saying that he is looking to venture into electronica domain and "weirder, off-the-cuff stuff that I'm not sure Aerosmith would like." Tyler's latest solo single, a Marti Frederiksen collaboration "(It) Feels So Good," dropped during May 2011, debuting at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
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