Avenged Sevenfold Cancel Show for Venue Issues

artist: avenged sevenfold date: 07/12/2013 category: upcoming tours
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Avenged Sevenfold Cancel Show for Venue Issues
Avenged Sevenfold have been forced to cancel a concert in Wisconsin because their show "isn't possible" in the venue. Tickets are refundable at the point of purchase. Speaking to fans in a statement, the band said: "We regret to inform our fans in La Crosse that we have only now learned that the production requirements for our current tour unfortunately are not possible in the La Crosse Center. We will be back to the area soon to bring our fans the kind of show they have come to expect from us." Avenged Sevenfold are currently promoting their sixth studio record "Hail to the King" which is out in late August The title track from the album will be released as a single next week on Monday July 15. "Sonically, this record is our biggest record by f--king far. When you turn this f--king thing on, it blasts your f--king head off," said their sweaty guitarist Synyster Gates. Speaking about their new drummer Arin Ilejay, who stepped in for the Rev who died of an overdose in 2009, Gates said: "He has impeccable groove, which we've always known. But what I don't think we knew is his proclivity for taste. He is one of the most tasteful drummers I've ever heard in my life. He's got that caveman, f--king barbaric huge groove philosophy that we were trying to go for on this record. He really got it in his heart and soul."
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