Chris Cornell 'Really Open' for Nine Inch Nails Collaboration

artist: chris cornell date: 03/19/2014 category: upcoming tours
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Chris Cornell 'Really Open' for Nine Inch Nails Collaboration
The feud between Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor seems to be fully over, as the two acts will not only be embarking on a joint tour, but also might end up collaborating on some fresh music.

Chatting with Billboard, Cornell was directly asked about the possibility of working with Reznor. "We tend to be really open, and we've toured with bands that are and we've toured with bands that aren't, and there's some bands that totally aren't set up for that," the singer replied. "Some bands have a thing that they have to do, and the idea of a collaboration might open the curtain so people can see behind it. So you never know."

As for the feud, the rivalry between the two frontmen dates back to 2009 and Reznor's bashing tweet regarding Cornell's "Scream" solo record. "You know that feeling you get when someone embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus," Trent noted.

Reznor would later explain to Eye Weekly that his outburst goes deeper that Cornell's record, saying, "I really have no personal issue with Chris at all. The thing I said on Twitter ... it goes deeper than what have may appeared on the surface.

"We were on [Interscope]," the frontman continued. "And I have had Jimmy Iovine, the president of that label, come up to me on every record from 'With Teeth' onwards saying I should do some sort of urban thing - it was Timbaland for a while, then it was Pharrell for a while - because 'that's how you sell records.' The idea seemed so preposterous and insulting."

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden will kick off their joint North American tour on July 19 in Las Vegas. Full itinerary and ticket info here.
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