Green Day Plan 3,000 Show Tour

artist: green day date: 08/17/2012 category: upcoming tours
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Green Day Plan 3,000 Show Tour
Green Day have suggested they may perform a 3,000 date tour following the release of their album trilogy "¡Uno!', '¡Dos!', '¡Tre!". The band claim the only way to do the three album release justice with live shows is to stage something equally ambitious on a tour. "The full tour, we'll probably do about 3,000 shows," says bassist Mike Dirnt in an interview with MTV. "Right now, we're just warming up and getting ready to go out there, start swinging. The sky is the limit right now." "We're just going to keep going. We want to play a lot of small clubs, a lot of theaters, a lot of arenas, and then who knows what else." Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong also revealed the band are constantly influenced by new bands, naming Best Coast among the acts they currently rate highly. "After our first records on [record label] Lookout!, and 'Dookie' all the way though '21st Century Breakdown', it was always about taking the right kind of risks," says Armstrong. "But, not trying to do something where you're pushing too hard to try to evolve into something that you're not. It takes time, and we always listen to younger bands; we really like a band called the Biters, and Best Coast. It's just a matter of letting yourself evolve." Thanks for the report to Gigwise.
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