Rob Halford Confirms That Judas Priest Will Tour Again

artist: Judas Priest date: 06/06/2013 category: upcoming tours
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Rob Halford Confirms That Judas Priest Will Tour Again
Rob Halford has confirmed that Judas Priest will tour again, in spite of suggestions that their previous tour was their last.

Speaking to WOX's Metal Mayhem show in New York, Halford announced (via Brave Words) that Priest will be getting back on the road.

"Well it's turned out not to be the final world tour; what we tried to do as we suddenly got into gear again and especially since Richie [Faulkner] came onboard; we suddenly realized that now there were more opportunities opening up. What was a final global world tour in the way that we've been doing them for the past thirty odd years is just going to change slightly."

The singer also noted that the band will be taking a different approach to tour scheduling so that they can better recharge their batteries: "We're going to do a European tour for about a month or two months and then instead of jumping on a plane and going straight to New York to start an American tour, we're just going to pull back and put a bit of space to recharge our batteries and to be able to keep that special feeling that Priest always wants to generate when we go on stage.

"We have a big responsibility not only to ourselves but to our fans that we don't drop the ball. And, so again, it's no different than sports athletes; Michael Jordan wasn't going out on the court as much when he was getting older. But when he went out he could get it in the hoop. But it's not the end of touring. We are still going to be going out there."
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