Rolling Stones World Tour In The Works

artist: The Rolling Stones date: 01/08/2013 category: upcoming tours
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Rolling Stones World Tour In The Works
The Rolling Stones are discussing details of a 2013 world tour, frontman Mick Jagger has confirmed. The unsurprising news comes after they played a brief series of 50th anniversary shows last year. At their final scheduled appearance in New Jersey, Jagger told the crowd: "See you again soon." Now he tells Rolling Stone: "There have been quite a few offers. I'm going to see what's on the table and discuss it with everyone. We'll announce it when we've figured it out." It's not been confirmed whether they'll play the Coachella Festival in the US this April but the date appeared on the band's phone app for a brief period before being removed. Now event organisers have posted a picture of a large round stone sitting in the field where the show will take place all but confirming Jagger's outfit will be there. Last year the singer addressed the controversy over steep ticket prices by saying they had to cover increased costs associated with not playing many shows. He hasn't commented on whether tickets for world tour gigs will be less than the average £406 price fans paid last year. Meanwhile, the singer's former girlfriend Marianne Faithfull has revealed she was too nervous to see the band at the O2 in London last year. She tells "I was meant to go, but I cancelled. I was scared to go to the O2 on my own. I'd hate being recognised I can't even say my name in public." She admits she's approached fashion shows where she was on the guest list then decided not to go in at the last moment. "I couldn't bring myself to say, My name is Marianne Faithfull and I have an invitation.' To hear those words coming out of my mouth would be so vulgar."
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