Van Halen Set For Massive European Tour In 2013

artist: van halen date: 03/12/2013 category: upcoming tours
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Van Halen Set For Massive European Tour In 2013
Van Halen are returning to the UK and Europe, as confirmed by frontman David Lee Roth. Their last visit, in 1998, included just a handful of appearances in Finland and Germany with Extreme singer Gary Cherone at the helm. But now Lee Roth believes fans will finally get their chance to see enough of Van Halen in the next nine months. Singer told the Opie & Anthony radio show (via Classic Rock): "We're going to be playing Europe probably 50, 60 shows starting at the end of this year." And vowed the decades-long wait will prove worthwhile, saying: "Van Halen is very pure and uncut music. It's a little like getting drunk on shots of really good Kentucky bourbon. It's lead, bass, drums and howling at the moon. You'll have a great night... but you probably won't want to see us again for three years. You won't want to see that bottle." The band's only US appearances this year were booked at short notice, says Roth. "I'm frankly surprised that these happened now," he admits. "I think probably they had designs on somebody else, and somebody got sick. These are big shows, like, 50,000-70,000 person shows. They're coming together fast, which says, probably, somebody else bowed out." The frontman recently admitted he'd love to see Michael Anthony return to complete the original lineup. Meanwhile, his replacement, Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang, has said they're at work on material for a follow-up to last year's "A Different Kind Of Truth".
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