In 1972 Alone, Black Sabbath Spent Over $425,000 on Cocaine
"I woke up smashed out of my brains, charged with attempted murder," Ozzy remembers.

POSTED: 10/09/2015 - 02:44 pm

During Recording of 'Book of Souls,' Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith Lost Phone With Song Idea Videos... That He Recorded in His Underpants
What is it with metal guitarists and misplacing mobile phones?

POSTED: 10/09/2015 - 08:52 am

Varg Vikernes Is Teaching His Home-Schooled Children English With Replica Automatic Weapons
Education in the Vikernes household includes naming the parts of a rifle.

POSTED: 10/08/2015 - 09:00 am

Busking Band Fined for Breaking Noise Limit in Dublin
Keywest frontman Andy Kavanagh says new decibel limits are unachievable.

POSTED: 10/06/2015 - 07:54 am

Popular Music Vloger Mistaken for Oregon Mass Shooter in Worldwide News Report
Anthony Fantano's photo ends up in a worldwide news report.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 - 02:54 pm

Machine Head's Robb Flynn Was Kicked Out of the Sistine Chapel
Taking selfies in a 666 hoodie was probably not a great idea...

POSTED: 10/03/2015 - 11:12 am

Former Korn Drummer Is Sure That the Band's New Record Will 'Be More Shit'
Bitter much?

POSTED: 10/03/2015 - 10:30 am

RATM Bassist: 'ISIS and Moon Landing Aren't Real!'
"It's a global conspiracy of people whose names we'll never know."

POSTED: 10/02/2015 - 01:27 pm

Steve Vai's Craziest Groupie Story: 'Girl Was Walking With a Hose Up Her Butt, and My Tech Was Pouring Wine Into It'
The wild days with David Lee Roth...

POSTED: 09/30/2015 - 02:30 pm

Guitarist Contacts Guitar Teacher About Lessons, Offers to Pay in WoW Gold
He also offered tickets for his future band's shows. It's something.

POSTED: 09/28/2015 - 05:49 pm

Frances Bean Cobain Gets Married, Courtney Love Not Invited to Ceremony
Apparently, Frances didn't tell her mother about secretive wedding plans.

POSTED: 09/28/2015 - 11:09 am

Shocking Video Emerges of John Lennon Mocking Disabled People During Beatles Concert
Unearthed footage shows Beatle making fun of the mentally handicapped.

POSTED: 09/22/2015 - 07:45 am

Airline Severely Smashes Musician's $40,000 Double Bass Packed in a $3,000 Heavy Case
What the hell are they doing with that luggage?!

POSTED: 09/21/2015 - 05:36 pm

The Vigilant Christian Says Slayer's 'Repentless' Is 'Pure Satanic, Evil Filth'
YouTube evangelist thinks "Repentless" should be more, uh, repentant.

POSTED: 09/15/2015 - 09:32 am

Keith Richards Wants His Daughters to Snort His Ashes When He Dies
Guitarist also calls the Grateful Dead "boring shit."

POSTED: 09/11/2015 - 06:32 am

Metal Singer Faked Cancer to Defraud Money From Fans: 'She Took the Money, Traveled and Got Tattoos'
Appropriately enough, the band is called Counterfeit.

POSTED: 09/09/2015 - 05:06 pm

TV Reporter Fired for Showing GWAR Frontman's Genitals During Morning News
GWAR reacts.

POSTED: 09/09/2015 - 03:16 pm

Motorhead Have Launched Their Own Line of Sex Toys
Why they've not called it "The Orgasmatron Range" is beyond us...

POSTED: 09/09/2015 - 09:12 am

Here's Very Drunk Paul Di'Anno Singing 'Charlotte the Harlot,' Subtitles Included

POSTED: 09/04/2015 - 02:57 pm

Kinky: How Marilyn Manson Guitarist Got a Nickname of Maniac Titty Fucker
His germophobia and love of women played a crucial role.

POSTED: 09/03/2015 - 04:34 pm

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Spits on Fans for Taking Selfies During Concert: 'Idiots, Morons, Fuck Off!'
Drummer Tommy Lee apologizes for the "shitshow" afterwards.

POSTED: 09/03/2015 - 12:52 pm

Donald Trump Backs Kanye West's Supposed 2020 Presidential Bid
"He's a nice guy. I hope to run against him someday."

POSTED: 09/03/2015 - 09:12 am

Tool: We Don't Know When the New Album Will Be Released, Would You Like to Buy a $200 Blanket?

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 06:34 pm

Miley Cyrus Claims Her Boobs Made Sir Paul McCartney Uncomfortable
Beatles legend didn't know how to respond to singer's revealing outfit.

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 08:53 am

According to TiVo, Lamb of God Are a 'Christian Metal Band'
Chris Adler shares amusing listing gaffe on Facebook.

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 08:12 am

Neck Deep Guitarist Leaves Band After Being Accused of Sending Sexually Explicit Message to Teenager
Scheduled shows to go ahead without Lloyd Roberts.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 08:11 am

Death Metal Band Whose Members Mutilate Each Other Onstage With Cheese Graters Banned From Performing
They're known as Eat the Turnbuckle.

POSTED: 08/23/2015 - 02:54 pm

Noel Gallagher Says He Is Being Stalked by a German Woman
He says, "She's not the most attractive."

POSTED: 08/21/2015 - 05:35 am

Axl Rose Was Once Late to GN'R Show Because He Was Captivated By 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
The gig took place in Tampa area on December 28, 1991.

POSTED: 08/20/2015 - 04:16 pm

NOFX Confront Hipster Spotted at Live Show and Offer Him $100 to Leave
"We have a no hipsters rule," says guitarist El Hefe.

POSTED: 08/17/2015 - 05:53 am

Neo-Nazi With Giant Swastika on His Chest Stabs 4 People at Metal Show in Texas
He also has a big Hitler tattoo...

POSTED: 08/15/2015 - 01:40 pm

There Is Now a Ned Flanders-Inspired Metal Band Called Okilly Dokilly
"Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk."

POSTED: 08/13/2015 - 02:19 pm

WTF: Burglar Breaks Into Guitarist's House, Takes a Dump in His Guitar
"They took stuff totaling to $500-$600, but decided to sh-t in a $900 guitar."

POSTED: 08/12/2015 - 05:04 pm

What a Time to Be Alive: Lenny Kravitz's Penis Pops Out During Concert, And You Get to See If It's Bigger Than Yours
Rock out with your cock out and all that jive.

POSTED: 08/04/2015 - 07:27 pm

Bono Describes John Lennon as Irish Immigrant, Claims That the Beatles Were Irish
People of Liverpool collectively groan as U2 frontman claims their most famous band are not Liverpudlians.

POSTED: 07/31/2015 - 09:03 am

Morrissey Sexually Assaulted By Airport Security Officer: 'He Groped My Penis and Testicles'
"He stopped me, crouched before me and..."

POSTED: 07/30/2015 - 04:29 pm

Coheed and Cambria Frontman's House Turned Into $300,000-a-Month Illegal Weed Farm Without His Knowledge
Always check who you rent your place to, folks.

POSTED: 07/28/2015 - 06:18 pm

Alice Cooper's Band Once Got Into Bar Brawl With Kasabian Over Iraq War
"Nobody got knocked out, so it was OK," Cooper states.

POSTED: 07/28/2015 - 08:42 am

Lita Ford's Son Accuses Her of 'Child Abuse'
"Our mother has a lot of problems," James Gillette states.

POSTED: 07/28/2015 - 07:17 am

Puddle of Mudd Frontman Wes Scantlin Has Been Arrested, Again
Wes gets drunk, Wes drives 100 mph (160 kmh), Wes gets arrested, again.

POSTED: 07/27/2015 - 02:00 pm

Metal Guitarist Nearly Loses Fingers After Cat Jumps on Blender He Was Cleaning
Nasty cut down to the bone results in "no feeling or movement in his index finger."

POSTED: 07/22/2015 - 03:58 pm

Malevolent Creation Bassist: Obama Is a Muslim, F--k Your Culture and F--k Your Quran!
"What a disgrace to the American flag!"

POSTED: 07/22/2015 - 01:57 pm

Trapt Frontman Goes on Ridiculous Rant Spree, Calls Fan 'Rob Scallon Buttboy,' Makes Fun of Suicide Silence Singer's Death
And it all started with an anti-Kardashians rant...

POSTED: 07/20/2015 - 04:39 pm

Man Writes Letter to Ask Help From Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Ends Up Getting Arrested
The guy's plan to get his ex-wife back severely backfires...

POSTED: 07/20/2015 - 10:27 am

Stage Crasher Destroys Band's Equipment, Ruins Their Festival Set
And the douchebag of the year award goes to...

POSTED: 07/20/2015 - 07:52 am

Glenn Danzig Chokes Fan in a Headlock for Filming Him
Danzig takes "a--hole" fan into his tour bus for a round of choking.

POSTED: 07/16/2015 - 10:38 am

Metal Musician Arrested for Wearing a Bullet Belt
"The suspect was wearing what was described as spiked fighting gloves and spiked leather bracelets."

POSTED: 07/14/2015 - 02:52 pm

This Is Why Garbage Cans Don't Belong in a Mosh Pit
How did this happen in the first place?

POSTED: 07/13/2015 - 12:36 pm

German Rapper's Song About Black Metal Is Completely Insane
Corpse paint wearing backup dancers anyone?

POSTED: 07/10/2015 - 07:52 am

Fan Arrested for Masturbating Outside the Venue After Smashing Pumpkins + Marilyn Manson Concert
Must've been a hell of a gig.

POSTED: 07/09/2015 - 11:38 am