Adele's Music Voted The Most Popular To Fall Asleep To

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Adele's Music Voted The Most Popular To Fall Asleep To
The music of Adele has been voted as the most popular to fall asleep to. In a survey of 2000 people undertaken by hotel chain Travelodge via Capital FM Adele was found to be the top artist to help people fall asleep at night. She was followed by Coldplay, who previously topped the poll in 2008 and 2010. Snow Patrol and One Direction also featured in the Travelodge Top Five. Travelodge quoted Edinburgh Sleep Centre expert Stevie Williams while giving the results of the poll. Williams said: "Results from various sleep studies undertaken with a variety of male and female groups, has indicated that listening to soft, relaxing music at bedtime leads to a number of different benefits to a night's sleep." Earlier this month, Adele said she would only lose weight if it affected her "health or sex life". According to The Sun, she said: "I read a comment on YouTube that I thought would upset me 'Test pilot for pies' but I've always been fine with it. I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't." Adele gave birth to her first child last month. In a recent interview, a spokesperson from Adele's record company XL said they didn't expect the follow-up to her hugely successful second LP, "21", for quite some time. The comment came after the news that the British indie label made £41 million in profit in 2011. To hear the singer's official theme for the new James Bond film, "Skyfall", click below.
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