Behemoth Frontman: 'Satan Is the Most Misunderstood Figure in the World'

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Behemoth Frontman: 'Satan Is the Most Misunderstood Figure in the World'
Behemoth frontman Nergal has been speaking to Metal Hammer about the band's new album, "The Satanist," and what it means to him as person.

"'The Satanist' is a very simple title, but it is also very complex and multi-dimensional. On the surface it appears to be very primitive and raw but it is also very meaningful and complex. In a sense, I don’t want or need to explain it because everyone can find their own interpretation. I think the music on The Satanist is enough. In a way, I have no need to talk about it."

He also notes that the record addresses Satan as a "misunderstood" figure:

"I wanted to make an honest statement about who I am and what life means to me, through this music. Satan is the most misunderstood figure in the world. He represents the truth and spirit of man, the freedom and honesty of who we are. I was raised as a Catholic and so I was told a lot about Satan, but it wasn't the truth. Satanism is about life and liberation and love for freedom. I have Satan in me, flowing through my veins and through my music."
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