Check Out Babymetal Singing About Bacon, Old Dead Guys and Licking Soft Scott

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Check Out Babymetal Singing About Bacon, Old Dead Guys and Licking Soft Scott
If you were to ask someone what Babymetal are singing about, would you really be surprised if the answer was something along the line of those ramblings in the headline?

Anyhow, the fine gentlemen of Metal Sucks pointed at this awesome fake lyric video of the band's early hit single "Doki Doki Morning," featuring those cute three girls singing some disturbingly hilarious lines.

In related Babymetal news, Marty Friedman recently dubbed the group's sound a mixture of Meshuggah riffs and Japanese pop, telling Rolling Stone how "for someone like me who's been playing metal forever, it's really fresh to hear. I mean, I can hear another Pantera song, and it's great, but we've heard it before a billion times."

So what are you waiting for? Check out the clip below.

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