Did Fans Crowdfund Tim Lambesis' Alleged Hitman Plot?

artist: as i lay dying date: 05/22/2013 category: wtf?
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Did Fans Crowdfund Tim Lambesis' Alleged Hitman Plot?
A theory has emerged that fans who funded Tim Lambesis' side project Austrian Death Machine may have inadvertently funded the alleged murder plot against his ex-wife. Lambesis was arrested on May 7 after a sting operation by police, where he reportedly tried to give a $1,000 cash deposit to an undercover detective as a deposit to have his wife murdered. Now the Metal Sucks blog speculates that an IndieGoGo campaign to fund Lambesis' Schwartznegger-themed side project Austrian Death Machine maybe have been used to raise $20,000 to hire a hit man. "I contributed $20 to fund a campaign for the band to make a new album, "Triple Brutal," as well as tour in support of that album. Instead, it looks like I - and 1,689 other fans - may have inadvertently helped fund the singer-guitarists alleged attempt to have his wife killed," write the blog. The campaign raised its goal on April 19, raising a total of $78,170. One fan even paid $1,500 toward the campaign for the opportunity to record vocals on the album. Now they're at risk of losing their money if Lambesis is found guilty and unable to apply their refunds. "Any connection between the crowdfunding contributions and the alleged hit are pure speculation," adds Metal Sucks, "but could you give someone $1,000 cash right now? Now, if your bank account had just received a $70,000 infusion, would that make it easier to commit to a $20,000 transaction?" It's a wild theory because Lambesis is probably rich already, but musicians don't always have a liquid flow of cash and the timing is interesting. What do you think?
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