Fan Sues Michael Jackson Estate, Claims the Singer Did Not Perform on Posthumous Album

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Fan Sues Michael Jackson Estate, Claims the Singer Did Not Perform on Posthumous Album
An enraged Michael Jackson fan is suing the legendary singer's estate for allegedly tricking fans by releasing fake songs under his name.

As Fashion Times reports, the plaintiff, identified as Vera Sernova, has filed a class action suit in a Los Angeles court, claiming that three songs on the album, "Breaking News," "Monster" and "Keep Your Head Up," do not feature Michael's vocals, but rather a voice of an imitator.

Vera has also asked for the help of an audio expert, who backed her claims after a thorough analysis. Seeing that we have a class action suit at hand, if the accusations are proven to be truth in court, Jackson's estate will be ordered to pay everyone who had ever purchased the album, or any of the songs in question.

According to the same source, the Estate's attorney has claimed that Michael's vocals are featured throughout the album. Back in 2010, Jackson's children, Paris and Prince, have stated being "adamant" about Sony releasing fake music under their father's name.
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