Geoff Tate Throws Fan Cellphone During Concert, Provokes Fury

artist: queensryche date: 05/31/2013 category: wtf?
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Geoff Tate Throws Fan Cellphone During Concert, Provokes Fury
Geoff Tate has sparked fury after disrespecting a fan by throwing their phone into the audience. The singer was performing with an offshoot version of Queensryche, after being fired from the original lineup last year, when he moved over to perform in front of a fan who was filming the performance from the front row. After a few beats, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, Tate "reached out, grabbed the camera, and tossed it into the audience." Ouch. The incident was captured on camera by another fan who posted it to YouTube, which has since been removed. It included an open rant that said they used to believe he was unfairly dismissed from Queensryche last year, but have changed their mind after seeing he is "incapable of respecting anyone." "When a musician forgets the reason why he got where he did with his popularity and career ... that's when it's time to call it quits," says the ex-fan who uploaded the video. "Your fans are the reason why you have gotten as far as you have and made you in the music world. Without them, you'd have been just a man who sang, that no one knew or cared about. If you don't turn this around and learn to appreciate the fans who made you, you will soon be forgotten, just as you have forgotten them." What a shame - Tate was doing a good job of clawing back some respect this month when he responded to criticism of his new album with a good sense of humor. Now the alleged phone incident could put all that good work to waste. What do you think? Has Tate damaged his reputation, or is this kind of behaviour just part of being a rock star? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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