KISS Drummer: 'People Think Drummers Are Stupid Because They Hit Things and It Shakes Their Brain Up'

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KISS Drummer: 'People Think Drummers Are Stupid Because They Hit Things and It Shakes Their Brain Up'
KISS drummer Eric Singer got a chance to address the study that recently shook the interwebs (once and then twice, mind you) with claims about drummers being the smartest individuals among musicians.

Chatting with Nuvo, Eric brought up an odd misconception, saying, "I don't know if you saw, but there's a study that claims that drummers are actually - now mind you, I'm paraphrasing - that drummers are usually of a high intellect.

"People think drummers are stupid because they hit things and it shakes their brain up, but like I said, this study claims otherwise."

So is there anyone out there who actually thinks this? ...

Anyhow, during the rest of the interview, the skinsman also gave credit where credit is due, saying the following about the original KISS lineup: "The version of KISS that exists now, with Tommy Thayer, myself, Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley], has been the most consistent, longest-tenured lineup for over ten years now.

"And mind you, we know what started it. The original band started it all. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be drumming with them now and we wouldn't be talking about KISS. They created that special, unique thing that is KISS. But sometimes, you just can't survive the same way. It's just like a marriage; it's not going to always last."

But back to that initial thought, we believe a drummer joke or two would be in order. So let's see what you got!
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