Steel Panther: 'Who Gives a F--k About Katy Perry?'

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Steel Panther: 'Who Gives a F--k About Katy Perry?'
Steel Panther's Michael Starr and Satchel have been using the Steel Panther YouTube channel to talk about Katy Perry's latest record "Prism." And, as the following excerpt from the conversation shows, opinions are divided: Michael Starr: "Who gives a f--k about Katy Perry? Do you care about Katy Perry?" Satchel: "Dude, why don't you open your mind a little bit? Why don't we open our collective minds and watch the Katy Perry video and see what the hype is all about. A lot of kids love her, they think she's a great influence and sh-t. Trust me dude, if they can make her sound in f--kin' key on record, then there's hope for our f--kin' Steel Panther record too." Steel Panther might be one of the most active bands on YouTube today, with the band producing programs on their Steel Panther TV channel that dish out the group’s thoughts on modern music, relationships, and even science. Check out the video below:
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