Fly On The Wall Review

artist: ac dc date: 04/28/2014 category: compact discs
ac dc: Fly On The Wall
Released: Jul 1985
Genres: Hard Rock
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Fly on the Wall" is the sound of a band desperately trying to revive their career without quite knowing how to recapture the spark that made them great.
 Sound: 8.2
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 6.7
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: SpaceInvader, on august 31, 2005
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Sound: The sound is the worst of the AC/DC albums I own (High Voltage to Fly On The Wall). Typical AC/DC beat, with more distortion, solos are starting to sound extremely repetitive by the 4rh song or so. Although I've never like AC/DC's Brian Johnson stuff, all the same! I give it four 'cause the guitars still make your head bang. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics weren't very catchy ('cause I can't hear them). The lyrics go well with the music but all the choruses have same melody/beat and gets annoying for me. Although Brian is a pretty good singer and he works well with the lyrics. // 8

Overall Impression: The overall impression for me of this album is that AC/DC have lost a lot of thier creativity and Brian Johnson wants to sing about the same things and not be heard. This is a very mediocre AC/DC alum and very mainstream pop music like really. If it were stolen I wouldn't care I'd go buy Jailbreak or get a Rush CD or something. // 6

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overall: 9.3
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 05, 2005
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Sound: When I first put the AC/DC's Fly On The Wall album into my CD player and when I heard a opening riffs of Fly On The Wall I felt a real power coming from the phones. AC/DC made this album in the time of the big sucess, after the great Back In Black, the loud For Those About To Rock and the Flick Of The Switch. In 1985 the guitars of Young brothers made a good job! The riffs of the songs are excellent. The hard-rock opening riffs of "Fly On The Wall" always make me excited. The real solo-song "Danger" is making feel that Angus Young is a very talented guitar player. Of course Malcolm is doin' well. His riffs are also excellent. That album is not excactly the rock n roll album like the "Powerage" - it sounds like a good hard rock. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are good but not excellent becouse AC/DC are always singing about the same things! When I was buying this album I had a hope that boys from Australia made that with innovation. But, that album was a chance for Brian Johnson to show the people that he is the best singer! He is singing brilliant! We can hear that in "Danger," "Stand Up" or "Playing With Girls"! // 8

Overall Impression: The most people think that Fly On The Wall was the worst album that AC/DC had made! But the album is really great. Of course the Back In Black or The Razors Edge are the better ones. I have all of AC/DC albums and I think that Fly On The Wall is the one of the best albums of AC/DC. You can see that hearing the "Fly On The Wall," "Shake Your Foundations," "Danger," "Playing With Girls" and "Stand Up." Congratulations to AC/DC. You are always the best! // 10

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overall: 7.7
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: Murralis, on april 28, 2014
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Sound: After the chart smashing "Back in Black," and the nearly as good follow up "For Those About to Rock We Salute You" AC/DC went with a noble decision to try to recreate the sound their earlier style had. The two albums that followed were "Flick of the Switch" and "Fly on the Wall." As recently stated this album tries to recapture their original style but sadly it doesn't hit the mark correctly. The main problem is the vocals. Brian Johnson is a great singer in my opinion but the rest of the sound drowns him out in most of the songs. While the lyrics aren't exactly the reason we're all here for AC/DC at least the rest of the band does well. The Young brothers are still good on the album giving their two guitar charm as always. Cliff Williams delivers his simple, but profound bass licks. Simon Wright is the new drummer for the band and he does a well enough job, but Phil Rudd is still better. They went for a raw sound and they accomplished that although it's not as clear as say "Back in Black" it's still the same old stuff. // 8

Lyrics: With AC/DC the lyrics are always the same sex, beer, sex, drugs, sex, being a rockstar, sex, did I mention sex? The lyrics are no different here, classic AC/DC. However as previously mentioned the vocals are drowned out and hard to hear you may have to pull up a lyric sight to read along which is annoying. The worst of this "Lyric Drowning" is on the title track of the album where I swore the actual lyrics was just the screaming/mumbling Brian normally does before the real song begins. Not that the lyrics matter much anyway, but it's just a problem. // 7

Overall Impression: This album is one of AC/DC's low points... But the album is not horrible in the slightest. Saying it's AC/DC worst is like saying it's the worst of the best and even if the album still has enjoyable songs. It's AC/DC you'll get your moneys worth! Most of the songs are meh-average. However there are two songs on the album which are so good they'll be instant AC/DC favorites "Shake Your Foundation" and "Sink The Pink." They make this album worthwhile. The thing I hate about it? The album cover has a peep hole over the "Y" in "Fly" so it looks like "Flo on the wall" Why didn't they put it over the "o" in "on"? // 8

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overall: 7.7
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: Gypsy Eyed, on august 04, 2006
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Sound: The sound on this album is very particular. It's different from the usual AC/DC sound. They've put too much reverb on the vocal tracks! That's a real shame, cause it feels like he's singing from another room. Apart from that, the rest is excellent: the riffs are great, as usual. The melodies are well-chosen, a lot of sing alongs on this LP (Shake Your Foundations, Fly On The Wall, Sink The Pink). The music does not differ from what we're used to: it's AC/DC, and when you buy an AC/DC album, you know what you'll get. During the recording of this album Malcolm & Phil got in a big fight and the drummer was fired, so Simon Wright plays the drums here (wich he does very well). // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics aren't good on this CD. Brian is really not at his best, his voice sounds terrible, there's too much reverb on the vocals and they're way too low in the mix. And when the other guys do the backing vocals, Johnson dissapears completely, worst vocals on an AC/DC album. // 6

Overall Impression: My overall impression is still good. I love AC/DC from High Voltage to Stiff Upper Lip and I'd say this album is certainly not the worst out there (much better than Flick Of The Switch IMO). My top 3 songs are Fly On The Wall, Shake Your Foundations and Stand Up. It's worth a listen, but if you're about to buy your first AC/DC album, don't get this one. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: suicidehummer, on june 02, 2008
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Sound: This album was the second album AC/DC recorded and mixed by themselves, so the recodrings are not the best, and Brian's voice has a little too much reverb. But setting that aside, this is an excellent album. There are some pretty innovative songs here, for example, Sink the Pink, Danger, or Shake your Foundations. This album takes a while to sink in; most people don't like it at first, but it ages well. Let's start with the song Fly on the wall. It's got some catchy chords, and the chorus is a good sing along. Otherwise, nothing special, but a good song. Shake your Foundations. One of the best on the album with some excellent guitar parts and a great chorus. First Blood. A bit of a filler song, but good nonetheless. Danger. A slower song, and one of the better ones on the album. This showcases angus's lead guitar skills, and has some of my favorite lyrics, for example, "Got to hit that bottle, but my head hit the floor... " or, "The cops could not appreciate my natural charm... ". Sink the Pink. Probably one of the biggest hits, although I never liked it because it reminds me of a country song. It's another unique song. Playing with Girls. A great chorus, and some interesting guitar parts. Stand Up. A little more powerful than the other songs on the album. Hell or High Water. Good vocals, forgetable guitar parts. Back in Business. Powerful riffs and catchy vocals make this a classic song. Send for the Man. Another one with very powerful and mean sounding chords, and good vocals. // 8

Lyrics: Excellent lyrics. Smart lyrics that are sung well; Is this AC/DC? Again, it's a shame about the production, but you get used to it. Brian's voice sounds great, and he howls just like he always has. Many say he began losing it on this album, but I think he never lost it. If you watch any Razor's Edge videos, he may not sound the same, but his voice is still freaking powerful. And on the last two albums, he lost the ability to sing as high as he used to, but he makes it work with the songs rather than against them. The lyrics fit well with the songs. The only reason he doesn't sound like on Back in Black is because you can't hear him as well. // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to their other albums, this is not the best, but it contains excellent vocals and some great riffs. The most impressive songs are "Fly on the Wall", "Shake Your Foundations", "Danger", "Playing With Girls", and "Back in Business". I love the vocals, but I don't like the recordings. If it were stolen, I would buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9
Fly On The Wall Reviewed by: ACDC2702, on august 21, 2008
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Sound: Fly on wall is a very powerful, raw, in-your-face AC/DC album. Obviously the band wanted to create an album with flare and pounding, catchy riffs, and that's what FOTW is, screw what the critics say, it's a gem of an album. In terms of sheer power and drive this album followed up very well to Flick of the switch, which was electric. Songs such as Shake your foundations and Sink the pink are my two favourite songs of the album because they have killer riffs and excellent guitar work by angus. The songs are catchy and generally, as an AC/DC fan, great to crank up to full volume, and enjoy. I can't unstand why it's critised so much. I thought the video was a bit taccy and rubbishy if I'm honest, and it made the band look like a 2nd rate, part time pub band, though of course in reality they are rock giants. so, I didn't really appreciate the video. // 9

Lyrics: Brian did a great job singing this album, and I remember him saying sometime during the '80s 'we don't give a f--k what the critics say, we just play rock music and that's it'. As always, Brain puts his all into the album, with powerful, raunchy and sometimes funny tounge-in-cheek lines throughtout the album, which is classic AC/DC stuff! // 9

Overall Impression: Overall I thought the album was a gem of like I said before, Simon wright also does a decent job on drums. I liked this better tahn Blow up your video, because it's more powerful. But again, like I mentioned before, I can't understand why lots people think it's crap. // 9

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