The Razors Edge Review

artist: ac dc date: 12/20/2006 category: compact discs
ac dc: The Razors Edge
Released: September 7, 1990
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Arena Rock, Album Rock, Aussie Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
The Razor's Edge is rowdy, abrasive, unapologetically fun metal full of blistering power chords, memorable hooks, and testosterone-driven lyrics.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 9
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: Moneytalks86, on november 14, 2005
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Sound: This is one of my faveroute AC/DC albums, for many reasons. It keeps the famous DC sound, yet also shows a more melodic side with tracks such as "Let's Make It," and a sense of a humour in "Mistress for Christmas", a slow placed, yet powerful DC song. Then there are the high paced "If You Dare" and "Got You By The Balls," which, in my opinion are up there with classics "Shoot To Thrill" and "You Shook Me All Night Long." Then there are the two songs which have become DC classics, the powerful "Thunderstruck" and the melodic "Moneytalks." As usual Malcolms and Angus's guitars compliment each other perfectly, although Angus has soloed better in the past this makes no difference, as they perfectly suit the simple, yet effective ryhthm section as backup. Brians vocals are possibly his best yet, creating the cherry on the cake. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics here are very AC/DC. Simple, yet powerful. Brian really comes into his own here, having by now become the voice of AC/DC, escaping Bon Scotts shadow. He seems to take delight as he shrieks lines such as, "Hey little girl" and "Come Outside And Play." The voice perfectly tops of the famous AC/DC sound. Maybe the amount of emotion and power in Brians voice as he sings is suprising, as he did not write a single lyric on this album. No, as difficult divorce prevented him from contributing to this record, leaving Angus and Malcolm to get on with it, a partnership which continues to this day. I think the boys did good! // 10

Overall Impression: Of course, the album is not as good as Back in Black, but it has been their strongest since and it comes close! High points, other than the obvious "Thunderstruck" and "Moneytalks" include "Shot Of Love" and "If You Dare." Despite it's critiscisms as a weak album, in my opinion "The Razors Edge" is in the top three DC albums of all time, and brought the band roaring into the '90s! // 9

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overall: 10
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: Viscosity, on july 19, 2004
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Sound: Yet another hard rockin cd by one of the best hard rockin bands of all time: AC/DC's The Razors Edge features the hit song Thunderstruck, Moneytalks and several other songs that rock. This is one of AC/DC's best cd's ever in my opinion. Definetly a 5 or 6 if I could give it that. // 10

Lyrics: Do you even need to ask? Of course most of you know Bon Scott is one of the best singers ever. But on this cd all the lyrics fit perfectly and with his voice I don't think anyone could posibly do better even if they minipulated their voice on a computer. Once again a definate 5 or once a again a 6 if I could. // 10

Overall Impression: It does not compare to anything at all it doesnt even come close my personal faves that impressed me the most were definetly "Thunderstruck" of course and "Moneytalks" with that riffs by Angus and Malcom Young, the singing by Bon Scott and the rythyms and beats by bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Chris Slade. An incredible cd by AC/DC. // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 20, 2004
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Sound: Very very hard rock. I mean what can I say when someone says AC/DC I think 8 or 9 chords but everytime they amaze you with great songs. Angus' solos are crazy good, but whats new? The song Thunderstruck, though simple is a trademark song now for them along with Highway To Hell and all of there other signature songs. great album, buy it now. // 10

Lyrics: Good lyrics, they always fit with the song. Brian Johnson really is not my favorite singer though, by the way for the person who rated this album before me, Bon Scott wasn't the singer of it. Bon died in 1979) Brian Johnson brings down the rating a bit. // 8

Overall Impression: ACDC is my favorite band and I have 16 albums from them and this is the 2nd best out of all of them I recommend you buy it if you like the album Back In Black, for those about to rock or AC/DC live. My favorite song by it is got you by the balls. // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: SoulStripper7, on september 06, 2004
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Sound: My first thoughts while listening to this album were that this is a great hard-rocking cd. The guitar riffs are catchy and well put together, yet fairly simple. And although I prefer Phil Rudd, Chris Slade did some kick-ass drumming on this record. A few of the songs kinda sound the same, and the progression is basically the same with each song excluding Thunderstruck and The Razors Edge. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are very well written. They make sense. They aren't incoherent, and the lyrics definietly match the music; the music reflects the content of each song. Angus and Malcolm are extremely talented songwriters, and in my opinion better than Brian Johnson. Brian does very well for his singing on here, he still has the gift. // 10

Overall Impression: This album should be up in the top 10 best rock albums as at least #5. The songs I liked best on this album were: Thunderstruck, Moneytalks, Fire Your Guns, Shot of Love, Got You By The Balls, The Razors Edge. I truly love this album. There isn't one song I don't like. // 10

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overall: 8
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: PyroPunK032, on august 27, 2005
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Sound: I have to say that this is one of my most favorite albums. This album was written Angus Young and Malcom Young. With them the can really pack a punch. It is a combination of good old classic rock and heavey metal! I love the arrangment of all the instruments. With Angus (guitarist) up there in front it gives all the songs on the albun a good edge. Then with Malcom (rhythm guitarist) and Cliff Williums (bassist) back as the concrete of all the songs. Then of course we have the drummer Chris Slade hittin' the drums as hard as he can is the final touch to power house songs of AC/DC. Thunderstruck is with out a doubt my favorite song on the album. And no one can forget the most ultimate guitar riff on the planet - the intro to Thunderstruck. As a bassist AC/DC isn't the best, but on the upside (for some people) it's easy. Drums are awsome for all the songs. The most under rated song on the Razors Edge is an awsome song Good Beat And Every Thing. It kind of reminds me about WW2. // 8

Lyrics: Brian Johnson has become the voice of AC/DC, no offense to Bon Scott personally I like him better, for many fans. With his croky voice he really can lay it down. Some of the lyrics on the album are prett sexual. Some examples are Misterss fo Christmas and Shes Got You By The Balls. Fire Your Guns is pretty clean ecxept the part about sex. Other wise the rest of the album is clean. // 6

Overall Impression: This album is a classic AC/DC powerhouse, school boy rock album. If you ever have chance to buy the album cough up $15 and get it! If your a die hard rocker this an album for you. Thunderstruck is a head banger and good football anthum. // 10

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overall: 10
The Razors Edge Reviewed by: AngusYoungsheir, on december 20, 2006
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Sound: 'The Razors Edge' was in many respects, a comeback! Although 'Back In Black' will remain the bands most memorable moment, 'The Razors Edge' holds it's own. After a bit of a popularity decrease since the mid '80s, and going missing for a couple of years after their previous album 'Blow up your video', AC/DC walked into Little Mountain studios in Vancouver and recorded their best album for almost a decade. The sound is a little more even (on some previous albums, you could hardly hear the vocals), but the boys have took a turn in the right direction and have paid more attention to Brian's part in the band, and the album opener, 'Thunderstuck', has some really catchy vacals, ie: the chant in the intro from Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams. The Lead guitar playing doesn't let up, you can even hear Angus experimenting with reverb on tracks such as 'Mistress for Christmas' and 'let's make it. The best track for sing-a-long moments is no doubt, Moneytalks. As Malcolm once said "There are just some great riffs that just sing themselves". To sum up, the sound couldn't be better. // 10

Lyrics: Angus and Malcolm wrote the lyrics for this album on their own, as lead singer Brian Johnson was going through a difficult divorce at the time, and the brothers don't disappoint. If you need proof, look no further than 'Mistress for Christmass'. The title itself is deserving of an award for its sheer genius. Dare you deny you didn't look twice at the title when you first saw it. It's good to see that the lads have taken a better approach towards the lyrics this time, and you can really hear how Brian's voice compliments the lyrics and makes the song better as a whole. As it says in the small booklet you get with it, the voice can be an instument in it's own, and he's certainly proven right in tracks such as the title track and Thunderstuck. Thunderstuck is a real gem in all aspects of writing a song. Just listen to: the intro, when the bass comes in, how the drumming compliments the guitar, the catchy vocals, and the altogether stucture of the song. The lyrics are purely showing AC/DC's endless quest for a good time. In short, It rocks. // 10

Overall Impression: This, in my opinion is AC/DC's second greatest album. If you compare it to all the other albums coming out at that time, there is no competition. It just so happens to have been released the same year I was born. The real great tracks on the album (mind you, all 12 tracks are great) are Thunderstruck, Moneytalks, Are You Ready, and Shot Of love. Shot of love just blew me away, and Are you Ready made me want to just run to the computer and find the tab. There is absolutely nothing wrong or mediocre about this album. As you may know AC/DC have never done anything in halves, just watch some of their live footage and you'll see what I mean. This is a great album for people just getting into the band and are unsure as to what to think of them. This album has it all, looks, sound, lyrics, and overall quality of songs. The thing I love most about this album is probably Angus's guitar solos, I've learnt most of them, and I'm still hungry for more. So take my advice, buy it, download it, borrow it, just get a hold of it somehow and just revel in the sheer power of the songs, because you know what. // 10

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