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agony scene: Get Damnedcompact discs
Agony Scene: Get Damned

Released: Oct 23, 2007. Genre: Metalcore, Punk Metal. Label: Century Media. Number Of Tracks: 11. "Get Damned" is the third and final studio album from the metalcore band The Agony Scene. However, with this release, they took some major steps back, creating a overall very forgettable album.

POSTED: 06/04/2012 - 03:51 am

agony scene: The Darkest Redcompact discs
Agony Scene: The Darkest Red

Released: May 24, 2005. Label: Roadrunner. Genre: Rock. Styles: Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal. Number Of Tracks: 11. Fast paced, brutal, and packed even with several breakdowns so that even hardcore kids can enjoy it.

POSTED: 08/31/2007 - 06:41 am

agony scene: The Agony Scenecompact discs
Agony Scene: The Agony Scene

Release Date: Jun 10, 2003. Label: Solid State. Genres: Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal. Number Of Tracks: 10. This is amazing, fast pace, thrash inspired, melodic metalcore, which easily stands out from any other metalcore you've heard.

POSTED: 05/10/2006 - 02:33 am