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artist: angels and airwaves date: 03/05/2010 category: compact discs
angels and airwaves: Love
Released: Feb 14, 2010
Genre: Alternative Rock, Neo-progressive Rock, Space Rock
Label: Self-released
Number Of Tracks: 11
AVA has proven again that they can have a diverse and well blending sound. The lyrics deep and inspriational.
 Sound: 8.4
 Lyrics: 8.1
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Love Reviewed by: screamo36, on february 17, 2010
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Sound: The sound of AVA has been clearly defined in the first two releases, WDNTW and I-Empire. What makes this album so much different than the previous releases? Well the sound has many of the same ideas, lots of reverb and delays, but as a whole the album has this sort of cinematic and prestigous sound. This makes since because of the intent to release the movie making LOVE the soundtrack. When the CD opens with the latin titled intro that might sway even devout AVA fans like myself. The Album starts at track 2 as far as I'm concerned. The album starts and ends with a bang making for the cinematic ideea. Where the proverbial climax should be is the epic Letters to God II. This track along with Flight of Apollo, Halucinations, Young London, and Some Origons of Fire make for the epicness expected with Tom's claims for rock rejuvination. Finally the album does have certain weaker songs, but more good than bad. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are deep and very poetic. The album is divided into both radio friendly lyrics and deeper meaningful rhyme. Tom Delounge has proven to be a great lyricist even if his live shows aren't his strong suit. The lyrics fit the theme of the album. The songs are very uplifting and inspirational. // 9

Overall Impression: AVA has proven again that they can have a diverse and well blending sound. The lyrics deep and inspriational. The album is free of charge at their modlife site so you are definently getting a gift. Tom hopes that his album will boost his bands fanbase. This tactic didn't fare well for radiohead but putting a whole CD out for free is gutsy which defines AVA from the begining. Give the album a chance once or twice though and it starts to grow into a a top album on the playlist. Best to listen while night driving. // 9

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overall: 8
Love Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 19, 2010
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Sound: When Angels & Airwaves first came together as a band, this CD is basically what they described themselves as. Super long cinematic breaks, the fusion of psychedelic and punk, and epic music. Hard to think it took 3 albums, but with this album they had something they didn't previously---Freedom! 'Love' has been released free of charge to the public, and out of the hands of the music studios. Thats the freedom! The other albums, you can tell the studios got a hold of them. This one is just so much more creative and listenable. The bands sound has finally reached its pinnacle I think. And it's sounds great compared to previous albums, but as far as changing rock and roll... I don't think they're the next Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones. The sound overall is great compared to bands around today, and above average for sure. A lot of synthesizers, delay, and reverb make their almost identical U2 sound. The long break and psychedelics give them the pink floyd sound. And the punk riffs give that ole Blink/Boxcar Racer feel. The album is also the score and backbone of a movie coming out with the same title. Very creative and unique these days. Overall this is the best effort put out by DeLonge and AvA. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are the worst part of the album. Not saying they're bad, but at some points DeLonge's choice of words are just childish it seems. But then at some points the words are so deep and meaningful! So it goes back and forth with the lyrics... 'The flight of Apollo' is a great example of deep lyrics. Just about all songs have deep/bad lyrics mixed with each other. Delonges voice is absolutely perfect though for this style of music. It fades in and out just right when he knows he should. He knows when to use his rasp, and when to use his high pitched cries at just the right times. // 7

Overall Impression: By far the best Angels & Airwaves album out, and it's free, so i think this is one of the best deals around. Good music for free! Sign me up! Strong tracks will suck you in like "The moon atomic (...fragment and fiction)" (yes, thats the song name!), "shove", "the flight of apollo", and "some orgins of fire". Weaker tacks wont as much, but will grow on you if you listen to album a few times. I didn't really like "clever love", and now I'm singing it everyday! "Hallucinations" is about as weak as it gets. Its just boring and doesn't really grab you too well. Love the long breaks and synthesizers! Hate the almost identical U2 sound at times! I definitely would recommend this album for anyone, for the fact that its free! If you had to buy it, I'd tell you to. It's just so much more deep and fulfilling than other music today! Would definitely spend the $ to buy it, and I'm going to when the CD comes to support a good Album, and a good band! // 9

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overall: 8.7
Love Reviewed by: JJWarnock, on february 22, 2010
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Sound: Love is a wonderous masterpiece of sci fi bliss. To me, the album/film duo will always be based around the the blink 182 song "asthenia", illustrating the loneliness of an astronaut stranded in space. The album it's self is an epic labour of love where everything is done to the biggest scale. The most impressive aspects of this record are the amazing intros and some of the simple guitar riffs that feel like magic when listening to. The lead guitar riff at the start and post chorus of the song titled letters to god part II is one of the most catchy pieces of guitar I have heard since "the adventure" riff. The track Young London also gives the same soaring feel. A very strong album with only one or two fillers. The fact that it is free is also a testimony to the bands commitment and strong message behind the record, trying to convey the deeper meanings of life that anyone can connect with. For me, Epic Holiday is the song of the album as it the feel good anthem tom got wrong with everythings magic. // 9

Lyrics: Very meaningful lyrics with a softer side for single release opportunites. The lyrics focus on the thoughts of the would be lead character of the movie LOVE, who is pondering life as he sits alone in space, with all the time in the world. This incite of lyrics gives a theme to the band on a whole as well as questioning the readers view of life themselves. As we know, toms not the best of singers but he gives it his all. // 8

Overall Impression: AVA's strongest album by far. Best songs: 01. Epic Holliday 02. Letters to God part II 03. Young London 04. Hallucinations 05. Soul Survivor Some parts of the songs are just a breath of fresh air, real music. You can hear the time and effort put into this by the band. Addictive riffs, great lyrics, strong moral message, great imagery and theme. Could be more songs, exisiting songs could do without some of the overlong outros/intros. Some amazing songs. Letters to God Part II riff is one of the best riffs I have literally ever heard. GOOD JOB TOM! // 9

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overall: 5.7
Love Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 19, 2010
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Sound: Love has a defining sound yes, the only problem is that the sound is extremely similar to the first to albums, you can hear a little bit more of Tom Delonge's Blink influence, but other than that not much has changed. Orchestra strings, reverb, and delay are all over used. Atom Willards drumming is quite impressive but it seems to have been drown out by the occasional use of synthetic drums, the songs all have the same pattern, and not much variety. Some good things that are really evident in this album is the feeling. AVA is (thinks they're) making a change, and the happiness from the that is expressive, and the big thing about music is expression so that's a big plus. // 6

Lyrics: Tom's lyrics are pretty unoriginal but you can expect that from the title of the album, because really if the album is called Love you know all the lyrics are going to essentially be about a girl, something that's been dried up. Most of the lyrics point to space, and love. The lyrics do match the music though, and aren't necessarily bad. The lyrics aren't nearly a fraction of the problem with vocals, when you look at the big issue its that Tom's vocal melodies are so overdone, and have been done on the past albums. Tom's vocal melodies, I have heard numerous occasions on the past record. If you listen to the past albums all the way through, then listen to this one, there are countless moments where I felt as if I was listening to a previous albums, there are moments where tom is doing the exact same vocal line, in a different key. I can't stress enough how overdone these melodies have been done. // 4

Overall Impression: The album's cheesy lines, and overdone riffs, can somehow be pulled off, despite all the negative things I said, the sound that AVA is repeating is fortunately a fairly exceptional sound. If this album was somehow lost or broken, I wouldn't think twice about it, or go looking for it. // 7

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overall: 10
Love Reviewed by: DeLongeFan182, on february 24, 2010
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Sound: Clearly this is the best Angels & Airwaves record yet. I could not believe how ridiculously amazing this album is. To fully appreciate it, you have to listen to it with good quality headphones one. It's so sonically pleasing, and the soundscapes are endless. Reminds me of a Pink Floyd kind of record, just modern. Tom has come so far as a singer/songewriter/guitarist its outstanding. I consider it it's own genre because that how damn amazing it is. // 10

Lyrics: Tom DeLonge has written his best lyrics yet in this record. It's hard to believe this is the same guy that wrote "F--k A Dog" or "Just About Done". My personal favourite is "Letters To God Pt.2". It sounds nothing like the first one but the chorus lyric is amazing: "And Dear God; I found out the same things we learn when we die, I found out the truth is, it's all a big lie, I find that the words are hard to describe, I tell you I'm lost here, awaiting reply". It's just pure genius. And his singing? It couldn't be better. // 10

Overall Impression: This is the best record. I haven't stopped listening to it since the day it was released, it just doesn't get old. The album is perfectly produced, perfectly, perfect everything. Out of everything I've listened to so far in my life, this is the most impressive. And I listen to pretty much everything (excluding rap, hip hop). I don't feel there is one bad track on this record, everything song has it's place, and it all slides together nicely. I can't wait for the hard copy and the movie because I will purchase and watch them both. It couldn't possibly be lost or stolen because it's free so if my computer died, I'd just go on someone else's and get it again. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Love Reviewed by: Musicismylife77, on february 25, 2010
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Sound: Let me start off by saying "Love" is absolutely something you wanna pick up if you like deep lyrics, and innovative music. Love takes you to a whole new world at times if you are just sitting there, thinking, and listening to this album. The album starts off with an intro, named in Latin, that is less then impressive but sets the right mood. Then it slowly drifts into "The Flight Of Apollo" One of the most energetic and moving songs in the album. The overall sound for this album, while it still sounds like AVA, has definitely changed. This album is more cinematic. Many more new sound effects, and has a lot of climax sounding songs. Making it pretty clear that while the songs can most definitely relate to you in your life, it also has something to do with their feature film "LOVE." The only thing I can say is that even though the music sounds great, they are not using their talent to it's full extent as the guitar riffs and drums sometimes sounding lackluster compared to previous records. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album are probably Angels & Airwaves best work overall. Although some of the lyrics may come of as cheesy or corny in certain choruses, "Epic Holiday, Flight Of Apollo," You learn to look past it and realize you wouldn't have it any other way. It makes the album sound more uplifting. As always Tom has perfectly added his lyrics to all the songs, making little tweaks and twists that always make you come back just so you can hear a certain line. Definitely something that makes the album so addicting. I've always heard that Tom is not a great singer live and that people hate his voice, but I find his singing skills just perfect for this kind of music. Even when it's live. Tom delivers his lyrics with such passion, If you are new to Tom's voice, you may not like it, but it grows on you. Also there is something slightly different about his vocals in this album and it's extremely difficult to place your finger on. Overall outstandingly done. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this album is probably my favorite by Angels & Airwaves, but the amazing thing is it's just different enough to make you come back to some classic AVA songs. The top 5 songs on the album (out of ten not including the intro song) in my opinion are 01. "Shove": this song is my favorite because even though it keeps it pretty simple musically the lyrics and sway of the song are incredible, it just instantly puts you in a great mood. Most likely not anyone else's choice for best song but something about it just strikes a chord. 02. "The Moon Atomic (...Fragments & Fictions)": this song may have the best lyrics in the album, as well as a catchy opening riff. As the song doesn't have much of a climax you don't grow bored because of the new instrumental parts that come and go, as well as following the great lyrics. 03. "Soul Survivor (...2012)": this song starts with a intriguing opening synth sound, and then Tom coming in with almost ghostly lyrics, I got shivers down my spine when I first heard it. Once again great lyrics and backed with one of the better songs musically. Good solid work throughout the song with a climax and a concluding ending. 04. "The Flight Of Apollo": the true opener to the album, starts of with an amazing effect that just instantly lures you to the song, I can't explain the effect, but you get the drift. We then here Tom in a muffled voice begin to talk and kinda sing. The first line in the album is "I'm falling, and somethings reaching out." This automatically made me interested with the way it was integrated into the background. The song finally explodes about 1:30 with a driving guitar riff similar to certain riffs from Tom's former band "Box Car Racer." This song is one of the best musically. There is also an extremely cool turn-table effect in the chorus. 05. "Letters To God, Part II": this song has an amazing intro, like nothing else heard from Angels & Airwaves, this song is also one of the best musically if not the best. The lyrics in this song are probably the saddest/deepest on the record. Talking about God and being lost and needing answers. Very emotional song. Well you know what I love about the album, the one thing I dislike that's worth mentioning is that I'm not a fan of how they had intros and tags in 90% of the songs, like The Intro to one song being on the track for the previous, it makes it annoying when you are on mix. For instance the song "Young London" Has a intro type thing for the song "Shove" as you hear an electronic version of the drum beat for the song as well as the intro played on piano. Now this sounds amazing, the problem is if you get Young London on a mix, Young London ends, you hear this drum beat and piano, and it goes nowhere, but that's the price you pay for an album that is meant to be listened to as a whole. Not much of a complaint but just annoying at times, Overall, this album is a masterpiece, and it's free. You can't miss it, Go grab it at their website now and take a listen. You won't be disappointed. // 9

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overall: 10
Love Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 05, 2010
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Sound: The band, as we all know shoots for a larger than life atmospheric sound which they nail to perfection on all 3 albums. Love's sound follows the lead of I-Empire staying on the lighter side of emotion, but they add some of the heaviest riffs they've ever had on some of Love (Young London, Some Origins Of Fire). You must follow the story of the album to understand the music completely. Not one song is weak, if you can catch the message presented by the entire package as a whole. AVA sets out to deliver a message with each of its albums and Love packs a very powerful punch. I, like Tom, challenge you to find the meaning for yourself, once you do, this album will completely blow your mind. // 10

Lyrics: Tom's voice is in perfect harmony with the music at all times. The melodies he creates with his voice intertwine and push along with the music to really drive every song and its listener to new heights of inspiration and hope. Some people might have described Tom's choice of words as childish at some points, but you have to understand that that is what he is shooting for. He is trying to capture the essence of what it's like when you're a child. Imagine how great life would be if we could understand things they way we do now with the pureness and positive way of looking at them as a children do. No word is out of place on Love, the words were more than carefully chosen to display exactly what Tom is trying to portray. // 10

Overall Impression: I downloaded this album for free, like everyone else, but as soon as I can buy an actual CD I will. Listen to the whole thing through completely a few times, you need all the songs in the right order to really feel the message and the vibe. I think the overall message is astounding, if you fail to find it, you're really missing out. This is stuff that could truly be life changing to some if taken right. Tom speaks of life a lot on all 3 Albums but never does his philosophy come through stronger and clearer than on Love. Don't let the name fool you, this album isn't boy loves girl mushy gooey songs, but a greater love, the truest love, and the understanding of Love. Thank you AVA for creating an album about life for life that changes lives, I know you've changed mine and inspired me to do so much more with my own life. kyle delnegro // 10

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