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billy idol: Kings & Queens Of The Undergroundcompact discs
Billy Idol: Kings & Queens Of The Underground

Released: Oct 21, 2014. Genre: Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock. Label: BFI Records. Number Of Tracks: 11. His first all-original album in nine years shows Billy Idol caught somewhere in between the early '80s and present day in regards to his musical approach.

POSTED: 10/23/2014 - 04:30 am

billy idol: Rebel Yellcompact discs
Billy Idol: Rebel Yell

Released: Nov 10, 1983. Genre: New Wave, Hard Rock, Post-Punk. Label: Chrysalis. Number Of Tracks: 9. "Rebel Yell" is the second album by British punk rock artist Billy Idol. This is one of those 80s albums, that just seem so dated hardly any critics can take them seriously. Personally, I think "Rebel Yell" is certainly not a bad album.

POSTED: 04/09/2012 - 03:32 am

billy idol: The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourselfcompact discs
Billy Idol: The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself

Release Date: Jun 24, 2008. Label: Capitol. Genres: Rock. Number Of Tracks: 18. The Vest Best Of Idol covers all of the obvious favorites like Rebel Yell, White Wedding, and Cradle of Love, and it's pretty impressive to see the bulk of singles he's churned out over the years.

POSTED: 07/16/2008 - 04:04 am

billy idol: Devil's Playgroundcompact discs
Billy Idol: Devil's Playground

Released: Mar 22, 2005. Genre: Rock. Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop/Rock. Number Of Tracks: 13. This CD points toward an interesting, fruitful direction for Idol ? one that acknowledges his veteran status without sounding aged ? that he hopefully may wind up taking next time out.

POSTED: 04/19/2005 - 03:45 am