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blindside: A Thought Crushed My Mindcompact discs
Blindside: A Thought Crushed My Mind

Released: Jan 18, 2000. Label: Tooth & Nail. Genre: Rock. Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Metal, Punk Revival, Rap-Metal, Alternative CCM. Number Of Tracks: 11. It builds on the promise of their debut, crafting a number of memorable hardcore/alt-metal songs, while keeping all of their spiritual commitment and passion intact.

POSTED: 08/18/2005 - 07:53 am

blindside: The Great Depressioncompact discs
Blindside: The Great Depression

Released: Aug 2, 2005. Label: DRT Entertainment. Genre: Rock. Styles: Alternative CCM, Alternative Metal. Number Of Tracks: 14. The fans who got introduced to Blindside through Silence and found About A Burning Fire hard to swallow will find this CD more to their liking.

POSTED: 08/08/2005 - 06:25 am

blindside: Silencecompact discs
Blindside: Silence

Released: Aug 20, 2002. Genre: Rock. Styles: Alternative Metal, Alternative CCM. Number Of Tracks: 13. Older fans may find the tighter, more focused Blindside a sour taste, yet Silence is a courageous release that displays the group's immense growth from its abrasive hardcore past.

POSTED: 04/19/2005 - 03:37 am

blindside: About A Burning Firecompact discs
Blindside: About A Burning Fire

Released: Feb 24, 2004. Genre: Rock. Styles: Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge. Number Of Tracks: 12. It's a stronger album than Silence, and shows some creative derring-do even if it ultimately settles for the typical sounds of now.

POSTED: 12/16/2004 - 02:43 am