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built to spill: You In Reversecompact discs
Built To Spill: You In Reverse

Release Date: Apr 11, 2006. Label: Warner Bros.. Genres: Indie Rock. Number Of Tracks: 10. It is one of Built To Spill's strongest efforts, and anyone who has followed their career knows that this is high praise indeed.

POSTED: 06/06/2006 - 06:04 am

built to spill: Keep It Like A Secretcompact discs
Built To Spill: Keep It Like A Secret

Release Date: Feb 2, 1999. Label: Warner Bros.. Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock. Number Of Tracks: 10. They embraced the sounds of a big studio and focused their sound without sacrificing their fractured indie rock aesthetic.

POSTED: 04/25/2006 - 04:08 am

built to spill: Perfect From Now Oncompact discs
Built To Spill: Perfect From Now On

Released: Jan 28, 1997. Genre: Rock. Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock. Number Of Tracks: 8. The length of the songs allow the band to create uniquely post-everything mantras, blending psych trances and drones, post-punk airiness and flow.

POSTED: 07/30/2004 - 04:34 am