The Elephant Riders Review

artist: Clutch date: 05/06/2006 category: compact discs
Clutch: The Elephant Riders
Release Date: Apr 14, 1998
Genres: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Alternative Metal
Label: Columbia
Number Of Tracks: 10
"The Elephant Riders" finds the band continuing the stylistic breakthroughs of Clutch, sharpening their guitar attack while adding subliminal elements of funk to their rhythms.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
The Elephant Riders Reviewed by: MrBucket, on may 06, 2006
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Sound: Very oldschool, with a still "exciting" sound to it. A very heavy and deep feel to it especially in the 12 minute track "Dragonfly" which has a sleigh bells sound for a while then silence and a blow-up-in-your-face comeback moment to it. The Elephant Riders is full of deep guitar riffs. // 9

Lyrics: Most of the songs have a Cat in the Hat rhyme to it but it sounds great, but some people may get annoyed at the lack of different lyrical beats, but I happend to love it. The lyrics are very regular life orriented, so to speak. "The Yeti" has a very odd story telling element within it making it a very good "recitable" song. // 8

Overall Impression: First Clutch album I've heard and I have no real complaints, fits perfectly with me, anyone else should try this one on for size. Since most ofthe songs sound alike and with a few lead ins to the next songs, its best when played just straight through. But, defitenly a major head bangin/bobber album. // 9

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