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emerson lake and palmer: Tarkuscompact discs
Emerson Lake And Palmer: Tarkus

Released: Jun 14, 1971. Genre: Progressive Rock. Label: Island, Manticore. Number Of Tracks: 7. "Tarkus" is the second studio album by the Progressive Rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer and also their second album to be published. "Tarkus" reached number 1 on the UK album charts in 1971, the year it was released. It was a significant progress from their eponymous debut album.

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emerson lake and palmer: A Time And A Placecompact discs
Emerson Lake And Palmer: A Time And A Place

Released: Jul 27, 2010. Genre: Prog Rock. Label: . Number Of Tracks: Shout! Factory. A Time and a Place is a carefully constructed boxset containing the most important songs from a band that once dominated the prog landscape.

POSTED: 08/05/2010 - 06:04 am

emerson lake and palmer: I Believe In Father Christmascompact discs
Emerson Lake And Palmer: I Believe In Father Christmas

Released: Nov 7, 1995. Label: Rhino / Wea. Number Of Tracks: 5. Much to ELP's relief, the well stocked back catalogs (band and individual) allowed for several Christmas-themed tracks, the anchor of which would be Greg Lake's solo hit single I Believe in Father Christmas.

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emerson lake and palmer: Emerson Lake And Palmercompact discs
Emerson Lake And Palmer: Emerson Lake And Palmer

Released: Jan, 1971. Genre: Progressive Rock. Label: Cotillion Records, Rhino Records. Number Of Tracks: 6. ELP's debut album was one of the great shots across the bow of popular music announcing that progressive rock was more than a passing fad.

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emerson lake and palmer: Brain Salad Surgerycompact discs
Emerson Lake And Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery

Release Date: Nov 19, 1973. Label: Atlantic. Genres: Album Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock. Number Of Tracks: 8. Emerson, Lake & Palmer's most successful and well-realized album, and their most ambitious as a group, as well as their loudest, Brain Salad Surgery is also their most electronic sounding one.

POSTED: 06/20/2008 - 02:46 am