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foster the people: Supermodelcompact discs
Foster The People: Supermodel

Released: Mar 18, 2014. Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Neo-Psychedelia. Label: Columbia. Number Of Tracks: 11. A concept album based around consumerism and capitalism at its darkest, it also shows the band taking a step back from electronic music trying to find a more organic sound.

POSTED: 03/31/2014 - 10:42 am

foster the people: Torchescompact discs
Foster The People: Torches

Released: May 23, 2011. Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Dance, Indietronica, Neo-Psychedelia. Label: Columbia, Startime. Number Of Tracks: 10. Foster The People, with their highly successful debut album "Torches", have got me dancing my pants off in the bedroom. The melodies are irresistible, fun, and at times emotional.

POSTED: 02/06/2012 - 03:22 am