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Genghis Tron: Board Up The Housecompact discs
Genghis Tron: Board Up The House

Release Date: Feb 19, 2008. Label: Relapse. Genres: Thrash, Death Metal/Black Metal. Number Of Tracks: 11. Board Up The House is really the sound of the future colliding with the present with enough force to tattoo itself forever upon the mind.

POSTED: 10/24/2008 - 02:31 am

Genghis Tron: Dead Mountain Mouthcompact discs
Genghis Tron: Dead Mountain Mouth

Release Date: Jun 6, 2006. Label: Crucial Blast. Genres: Metal. Number Of Tracks: 10. These ten gloriously dense, triumphantly catchy jams soar through vast valleys of immense crush and wonderfully alien vistas of 8-bit wizardry unlike anything you've heard before.

POSTED: 05/29/2006 - 08:34 am