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godhead: 2000 Years Of Human Errorcompact discs
Godhead: 2000 Years Of Human Error

Release Date: Jan 23, 2001. Label: Priority Records. Genres: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal, Goth Metal. Number Of Tracks: 11. 2000 Years is a vessel of angst-ridden tunes that condemn society's ill will, in which the band scolds the evils of the innate nature of humans as a whole.

POSTED: 10/22/2007 - 02:50 am

godhead: Evolvercompact discs
Godhead: Evolver

Released: Jul 15, 2003. Genre: Rock. Number Of Tracks: 12. Godhead's sound on Evolver, as compared to their other albums, such as 2000 Years Of Human Error shows that they have become much more mature (musically speaking) in terms of ability and sound.

POSTED: 11/22/2004 - 02:57 am