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hatebreed: The Divinity Of Purposecompact discs
Hatebreed: The Divinity Of Purpose

Released: Jan 29, 2013. Genre: Hardcore, Metal Hardcore. Label: Razor & Tie, Nuclear Blast. Number Of Tracks: 12. The sixth full length studio release by Hatebreed, "The Divinity Of Purpose" displays the lessons they've learned in their experience as one of the founding bands of the metalcore genre while maintaining the aggression of a much younger band.

POSTED: 01/30/2013 - 04:20 am

hatebreed: Hatebreedcompact discs
Hatebreed: Hatebreed

Released: Sep 29, 2009. Genre: Metalcore / Hardcore Punk. Label: E1 Music. Number Of Tracks: 14. Its not business-as-usual for the Connecticut hardcore superstars. New things abound on Hatebreed and how their fans will accept it remains to be seen. But the band earns points for effort and for trying something new at this stage of the game.

POSTED: 10/01/2009 - 05:03 am

hatebreed: For The Lionscompact discs
Hatebreed: For The Lions

Released: May 5, 2009. Genre: Hardcore Punk, Metalcore, Crossover Thrash. Label: Koch. Number Of Tracks: 18. Mosh-metal titans Hatebreed stay within their comfort zone on their first-ever covers album, For the Lions, offering renditions of songs that are obviously the bands influences.

POSTED: 05/05/2009 - 04:14 am

hatebreed: The Rise Of Brutalitycompact discs
Hatebreed: The Rise Of Brutality

Released: Oct 28, 2003. Genre: Rock. Styles: Hardcore Punk, Death Metal/Black Metal. Number Of Tracks: 12. Musically, "The Rise Of Brutality" is just as economic. Metal, thrash, and hardcore continue to be maligned by outside forces or the quest for accessibility.

POSTED: 01/10/2008 - 03:07 am

hatebreed: Supremacycompact discs
Hatebreed: Supremacy

Release Date: Aug 28, 2006. Label: Roadrunner. Genres: Punk Metal, Hardcore Punk, Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal. Number Of Tracks: 13. Supremacy will not likely go down in history as a monumental record, but in an industry that has become too much like an assembly line, Hatebreed offers a rare commodity: honesty.

POSTED: 02/12/2007 - 07:56 am

hatebreed: Perseverancecompact discs
Hatebreed: Perseverance

Released: Mar 12, 2002. Genre: Rock. Tones: Angry, Visceral, Aggressive, Intense, Confrontational. Styles: Hardcore Punk, Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk Metal. Number Of Tracks: 16

POSTED: 04/15/2004 - 03:52 am