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Karl Sanders: Saurian Meditationcompact discs
Karl Sanders: Saurian Meditation

Released: Oct 26, 2004. Genre: Ambient, Tribal, Folk. Label: Relapse Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. "Saurian Meditation" is the first solo album by Karl Sanders, the vocalist/guitarist of the technical death metal band Nile. It is a very unique, very dark musical experience, and a refreshing one, ironically since it deals mostly with very old, dusty and hot themes.

POSTED: 07/04/2013 - 04:31 am

Karl Sanders: Saurian Exorcismscompact discs
Karl Sanders: Saurian Exorcisms

Released: Apr 14, 2009. Genre: Folk, Ambient. Label: The End Records. Number Of Tracks: 9. Nile guitarist Karl Sanders once again surprises with his chilling and musically masterful Saurian Exorcisms.

POSTED: 04/15/2009 - 05:15 am