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nick drake: Made To Love Magiccompact discs
Nick Drake: Made To Love Magic

Released: Jun 22, 2004. Genre: Rock. Styles: Progressive Folk, Folk-Rock, British Folk-Rock, British Folk, Baroque Pop. Number Of Tracks: 13. It is a curious disc that's not quite an anthology of wholly previously unreleased material.

POSTED: 11/17/2008 - 03:01 am

nick drake: Bryter Laytercompact discs
Nick Drake: Bryter Layter

Released: November 1, 1970. Genre: British folk. Label: Island Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. Like Five Leaves Left, the album contains no unaccompanied songs: Drake was accompanied by part of the British folk rock group Fairport Convention and John Cale from The Velvet Underground.

POSTED: 10/20/2008 - 03:26 am

nick drake: Pink Mooncompact discs
Nick Drake: Pink Moon

Release Date: 1972. Label: Hannibal. Genres: Progressive Folk, Baroque Pop, Folk-Rock. Number Of Tracks: 11. Aside from a splash of piano, the only instrumentation on this stark and spooky collection is Drake's eloquent acoustic guitar.

POSTED: 04/03/2008 - 01:36 am

nick drake: Five Leaves Leftcompact discs
Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left

Release Date: 1969. Label: Hannibal. Genres: Progressive Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Folk-Rock, British Folk, Baroque Pop, British Folk-Rock. Number Of Tracks: 10. Drake's sensitive guitar work and sensitive vocals are backed by the baroque sounds of a chamber string group, and the platter's lyrics show maturity well beyond the age of their 20-year-old creator.

POSTED: 04/06/2006 - 02:42 am