Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Review

artist: rammstein date: 01/07/2010 category: compact discs
rammstein: Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da
Released: Oct 20, 2009
Genre: Industrial Rock, Synth Rock
Label: Universal, Vagrant Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
Rammsteins anticipated sixth album takes several different musical turns, but the bands trademark brute force is still intact.
 Sound: 9.1
 Lyrics: 8.9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: UG Team, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: You have to hand it to Rammstein the sextet has not lost its ability to shock and/or entertain after 15 years in the business. The German group known for its creepy-yet-somehow-sexy blend of industrial rock/synth pop has always proved themselves to be an awe-inspiring bunch, particularly when the intimidating Till Lindemann sets his limbs afire for the sake of a concert performance. Somehow Rammstein has found a way to keep the danger factor alive with the 6th studio album Liebe ist fr alle da, all the while proving that its musical creativity has intensified as well. Four years in the making, the new record never becomes mired in the same sound. Yes, there are quite a few songs that might have a chorus or verse driven by power chords, but there are enough other interesting nuances that things rarely get dull. And then you have a song like the first single Pussy, whichwellwe shall get to shortly. The opening track Rammlied is the epitome of an attention grabber, with its choral-driven intro (akin to what you might hear in a movie about soul possession) that quickly explodes into chants of what else Rammstein! The music that eventually follows does weave in more of the choral aspect, but the underlying arrangement has almost a Faith No More vibe to it. Rammlied draws you in, although that's not to say any other song on the CD mimics the opener. On the contrary, Rammstein is all over the place genre-wise, which is exactly what makes Liebe ist fr alle da intriguing. The focal point is undoubtedly vocalist Till Lindemann, who is still the epitome of German machismo. However, one of the most refreshing things about Lindemann is, regardless of the brute nature he may convey, he still is not afraid to take on a love song. Frhling in Paris is a gorgeous ballad featuring an impeccably smooth acoustic section and Lindemann delivering a sensitive, melodically pleasing vocal line. Haifisch, although not a ballad by any means (it parallels more of an 80's synth pop style), is still a far cry from industrial and Lindemann handles it effectively. Of course, the full-on manliness of Rammstein still reigns supreme. And if I'm being completely honest, my full preference lies in the moments when the distorted guitars (played by Richard Z Kruspe and Paul H. Landers) take over and Lindemann growls diabolically. The one track on the CD that will probably garner the most attention combines the trademark masculinity, humor, and a whole lot of sex. Pussy, which is an absolute hoot of a listen (with a chorus sung in English), might also rank at the top of Rammstein's most controversial songs. The reason? Check out the music video if you dare. Wow. // 9

Lyrics: While we're on the topic of Pussy, let's just put this on the table: It's the catchiest (and most twisted) track on Liebe ist fr alle da. After random comments about a Mercedes Benz, the Autobahn, and Fahrvergngen, Lindemann gets down to business by singing, You've got a pussy; I have a dick; So, what's the problem? Let's do it quick. There are plenty of manly lyrics elsewhere, as in Waidmanns Heil (loosely translated I have been in heat for a few days; So I will hunt a naked game; And until the morning I will sit there; So that I can give (it) a sharp shot). This pretty much sums up why Rammstein has made such a name for itself. There's certain an in-your-face quality to the band's music and lyrics love em or hate em and on this record it makes for a wildly entertaining listen. // 9

Overall Impression: Rammstein has managed to remain not only true to its history on Liebe ist fr alle da, but it has shown growth in its song arrangements. Whether inserting a majestic Renaissance-like horn section at the intro of Waidmanns Heil or delivering a gritty, industrial sound in B******** (aka Bckstab or Whatever You Want), Rammstein is not afraid to stray from the traditional rock sound. This is a band that still likely won't click with those with delicate sensibilities, but that's what makes me like them all the more. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: Ruchitya T Anan, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: I have always admired Rammstein for their sound and individuality(well atleast for me) in the music they create. They ooze industrial metal and this album is not much of an exception. This album too has 11 songs on it, with 5(I'm not too sure)more songs(EP?) on the American version which was released on 20th October. The entire playlist fares well with almost all eleven songs being impressive and deliver what the band generally stands for. Well almost.. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics as always have a poetic twist to them which is very falsely deceiving. Even if you don't understand German, check out the lyrics+translation on and you will get what I meant. This album, apart from having 2 or 3 heavy metal songs is fairly more tamed in it's musical content compared to past albums, but the rather high brutality is compensated in the lyrical content. However, this was kind of expected considering the first single released was "Pussy", which is a fairly average song apart from the (obscene) lyrics which gave us a hint of what to expect when it came to lyrical brutality. There is a song titled "Weiner Blut" which is a direct reference to the Josef Fritzl case(as you might have already heard) and the lyrics are haunting considering the horrors which took place in the real-life ordeal..The lyrics if not harder than, almost always comply with the overall impression the songs were meant to make. Lindemann as always makes an impression with his grating and sometimes barely audible voice. But his capabilities are expressed on a couple of songs, especially on "Ich Tu Dir Weh" when his pitching is very impressive. // 9

Overall Impression: Rammstein have always made a distinct niche for themselves with the kind of hard-work they put into each album and this album does not fail in upholding the same. But with the good are the soure too, and songs like "Haifisch" and a couple of others really would have made better as one-off performances in a concert. This album in general does not truly define the brtality of Rammstein's music, but on the other the drum patches on many songs are a metal addict's sweetest gift! Then there are also tracks like "Roter Sand" which inspite of all the negativity it has recieved from others till now is a song that really grows on you with time and listening. Overall this album is also impressive like their previous works although it treads a rather new path for Rammstein with adequate variety in the type of songs involved judging from the responses and sales of previous Rammstein works, this album is also probably going to do in the sales department. Rammsteing fans, a must-have for if nothing else, the impressive and commendable jobs done with experimentation with other less-known instruments and making it all gel together smoothly. A mature and commendable work from a band that deserves all that they have reaped. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: svelle, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: The sound is from my point of view definately one of the best they ever had. Guitars: Very deep Bassy tone (Waidmanns Heil and Liebe ist fьr alle da.), but also good acoustig guitars. (i.e. in Frьhling in Paris) Mostly easy riffs but also some nice solos. (i.e. Liebe ist fьr alle da) Drums: Very crisp sound, good double bass and what I like the most, the Hall for the Snare Drums (good noticeable in Pussy) Keyboards: I think Flake did a better job than ever before (best example would be Wiener Blut, but also Waidmanns Heil, Haifisch and Rammlied) Theres also an Orchestral Version of Roter Sand on the Bonus disk wich is just awesome. Bass: Just how you want it to sound. I think it's best to hear in Pussy during the Verse. // 10

Lyrics: Typical Rammstein lyrics, at first they sound just plain simple, but if you take a closer look at them you also get the real meaning behind it, wich i didn't get with every song on the Album. For example Rammlied is the perfect opener for a concert. Ich tu dir Weh with it's lyrics wich sound very Rammstein at first, but offer a much deeper story if you further inspect them. Haifisch wich is an interpretation of Berthold Brecht (German Philosopher) Frьhling in Paris, wich it's French Parts in the Chorus and the Calm lyrics in the Verse. Pussy wich it's typical german words (Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Blitzkrieg) for the Americans ;), but it's Criticism to the german society is cleary noticable. Mehr wich about the neverending greed of the protagonist in the song. (Which could be applied to nearly anyone in this world.) I didn't write down the other songs, because I don't want to make interpretations of songs wich I don't fully understand (B******* for example) // 9

Overall Impression: You can compare the Album Better to Reise Reise and Rosenrot, because of the many slow, softer songs. But the heavy ones are more Herzeleid and Sehnsucht style. The bonus songs are definately worth the 5 bucks more. (But be warned, you got three different versions of Roter Sand if you count the Bonus Songs) The most impressive songs from the album are Rammlied, Waidmanns Heil, Haifisch, Wiener Blut and Liebe ist fьr alle da. I loved nearly everything about this album. Except for two songs, Roter Sand and B*******. I the album would be stolen or lost I would definately buy it again. // 9

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overall: 7
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: rebofthetemple, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: Four years, very little news, and an extremely provocative single later, and the industrial metal, self proclaimed 'tanz-metal' powerhouse of Rammstein have finally returned to the music scene with their latest release Liebe ist fьr alle da. For all of those who know about Rammstein, then you can pretty much guess what is present on this album: tight rhythm section, crunchy guitar riffs, keyboards galore and Till's subwoofer of a voice. Nothing has changed here with their latest release, all the classic parts of Rammstein remain to be heard in all their glory. The ballads have dropped to a supporting role, with the guitar heavy Rammlied, Waidmanns Heil, B******* and Mehr separating this work from the more mellow Reise Reise/Rosenrot era. There is also some experimentation present with Haifisch, dropping the guitars in favour of a very catchy keyboard line and Ich Tu Dir Weh with its infectious chourus. For those not happy with the previous releases, LIFAD should come as a pleasant suprise. // 7

Lyrics: Lyrics and Rammstein need no explanation. If you can spell provocative you essentially have R+ down to a T, with LIFAD proving to be no exception. Give a listen to Wiener Blut (about the Fritzl case in Austria), B******* or Pussy (if this one needs explaining I'm sorry to say you really need to get out the house more). This is all coupled with Till's deep voice that gives power to the songs that otherwise are simplistic in nature, giving them the 'rip your guts out through your ears' sort of impression. // 7

Overall Impression: With this release Rammstein have essentially filled the space between Mutter and Reise Reise/Rosenrot. While it may not be the new Mutter, LIFAD definitely is an improvement over the previous records. To get an idea for the sound of this album listen to Rammlied, Haifisch, Wiener Blut and of course Pussy in all its glory (watching the accompanying music video is recommended for all the pit monkeys out there). Only downsides to LIFAD is probably a few out of place songs, with Roter Sand and Fruhling in Paris being the most apparent. Otherwise, R+ has managed to give a solid release that improves on previous albums, easily showing that on this release love is definitely there for everyone. // 7

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overall: 8.7
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: debano_06, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: Rammstein have went back to their roots and revitalized their original sound while still producing a new album that isn't a Part II to any of their previous releases. From start to finish, this album is very solid and is far from a disappointment. Heavy guitar riffs, a little electronic sounds in the background, great bass lines, and of course Till's haunting voice throughout it all. Schneider's drumming has progressed from previous albums, seeming more intricate and quick that before (notably on the title track, "Liebe ist fr alle da'). The guitars are heavy and thick but not as "thrashy" as they were on Sehnsucht- this may be good for some but missed by others. Songs such as 'Haifisch' and 'Pussy', are a little more electro than one would expect from Rammstein, yet these songs are amazing still. The sound is a little polished and not quiet as raw but being their sixth studio release, it could be a lot more commercial than it is. Till does more melodic singing, showcasing his array of styles. The chorus of 'Ich tu dir Weh', the intro for 'Rammlied' and throughout 'Frhling in Paris' and 'Roter Sand' are good examples. The album lacks any prominent guitar solos that were scattered throughout earlier works though. The sound on this album is unmistakably Rammstein and the effort, sweat and undoubtably blood that went into this masterpiece is evident. The Special Edition has three additional 'original' songs, 'Fhre mich', 'Donaukinder' and 'Halt'. 'Liese' is 'Roter Sand' with different lyrics and obviously 'Roter Sand (Orchester Version)' is an enhanced version of the song. From this disc, 'Fhre mich' and 'Halt' stand out as amazing songs that should have made the cut for the standard edition. 11 songs seems to be a magic number for the band but these songs are so great, I think they had to release them somehow and hence the Special Edition. // 9

Lyrics: 80% in German, 15% in English (Pussy) and 5% in French (Frhling in Paris) The lyrics for this album won't be of any surprise to a true Rammstein fan. They are just as dark and gory as any of Till's prior work. Rammlied is a an ode to all Rammstein fans saying that the band is back and ready to conquer. Ich tu dir Weh is about causing pain for one's own pleasure. Waidmanns Heil isn't as horrific as usual but the classic scenario of the hunter and the prey is very masculine and easily a Rammstein topic. Haifisch is yet another song that goes out straight to the fans. The band needs the fans as the fans need the band. B******* stands for Bckstab, a made-up word meaning "whatever you want". The chorus is possibly the most heavy, bludgeoning of the whole album. Possibly about self-understanding, as usual, this song is open to many different interpretations. Frhling in Paris is the 'love song' of the album. Admittedly my least favorite, this song has good lyrics but the combination with the music just doesn't strike a chord with me. I can see that this song may be the 'you either like it or you don't like it' song. Wiener Blut is being called Mein Teil pt II. Drawing direct inspiration from another criminal case, this song has haunting... disturbing lyrics. The Austrian case of Josef Fritzl piqued the interest of the band and they have simply put that scenario to music. These lyrics show just how depraved that man was! Pussy is about...take a guess! The chorus and parts of the verse are in English. A pornographic poem would be a suitable description of this song. As always, Rammstein touch on many taboo topics. Liebe ist fr alle da seems to be about masturbation. In ones imagination, everyone can find love... Of some sort. Mehr is a catchy song with lyrics of excessiveness and greed. The realization that this is the second to last song of the album, will be making you wish that there is More. Roter Sand lyrically is very poetic and will be loved by many. A sorrow filled song about heartbreak and is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. // 8

Overall Impression: Unlike Metallica's and other bands 'comeback' albums, Liebe ist fr alle da was more than well worth the wait! A mature sound while not losing touch with the earlier days, this album is a strong contender for all-time favorite. Heavy guitar riffs and although not as fast paced as I may have wanted, still amazing! A die-hard Rammstein fan, I am probably one of the most critical listeners and I am happy to say that I love this album. As of today, my favorite songs are 'Ich tu dir Weh', 'Waidmanns Heil', 'Haifisch', 'B*******', 'Wiener Blut', 'Pussy' and 'Mehr'. The Special Edition disc I haven't listened to a lot yet, but I can say that 'Fhre mich' should have made the standard edition cut. 'Halt' is another fantastic song fromt the Special Edition. If this CD was ever lost, scratched, even if one track skipped a bit, I'd be rushing to the store to buy another copy immediately! // 9

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overall: 9.3
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: fireyqwerty, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: In the fifteenth year of their career rammstein has released their 6th studio album, entitled "Liebe ist fьr alle da" which translates loosely to the love is for all of us, and in my opinion it is a great new addition to the collection of rammsteins incredible albums. The new album is exciting, loud, and all around heavy just like a rammstein album should be, but just like the other albums there are a group of very beautiful slow songs. So lets get right into it with a track by track review on sound: 01. Rammlied: the Ramm-song starting off with a eery choral chant up to Till's melodic intro the song almost punches you in the face when the full band comes in, and awesome riff and always great guitarwork makes this song one of the big ones, right off the bat no less. This song will be functioning as the bands new anthem replacing "rammstein" from the very first album herzeleid. Every part of this song is cool, the chant the riff the chorus and especially the break with clean guitars its just an awesome track. 02. Ich Tu Dir Weh: "I Hurt You" this song starts of with a sort of ethereal keyboard intro then into a heavy riff that aches for you to headbang along, the verse has some orchestra work that backs up tills vocals until the chorus which will make you stop and think "woah thats different". thihs track starts to show a little bit of the bands new progression of sound, its clean and crisp while still being heavy and strong. This one includes a trademark Flake keyboard solo as well and another very cool break that show off the vocals and christoph's drum work.this track will defiently grow on you I garuntee it. 03. Waidmanns Heil: a brass intro into yet another great riff from rammstein and prolly some of the coolest drums on the CD. Everything is in this track guitars, vocals, drums, and keyboards. The verse and chorus are both very cool and alot of fun to sing along to (or at least try when you know little to no german haha)you will always find yourself joining the rest of the band chanting, waidmann's manns manns manns heil! another of of the best song of the CD without a doubt. 04. Haifisch: "shark" a tribute track to depeche mode, a cool track thats easy to sing with and a very catchy keyboard progression all through the song and a cool orchestra break that couples with the staccato guitar line is very fun, and goes right into a creepy bridge that sends chills up your spine then back to the chorus its very very cool and a fun song but it doesnt really stand out to me, still a very good song though especially the breaks and spanish guitar outro 05. Buckstabu: "whatever you want" and that means whatever you want it to its up to you, the song itself HEAVY, and till's his fiercest on the chorus of this song more then anywhere else on the album and the guitars are very cool, this track is just a super heavy powerhouse, and another song where the drums are almost front and center, more brass section is in the second break of the song and its apparent that the brass is a major part of this album. all around a heavy song 06. Fruhling In Paris: "fountain in paris" a very very very good song so beautiful the guitar line and the vocals as well, the drums come in on the second verse and only add to the already great mix, the chorus is very cool and another one of those "woah" moments its just very cool more keyboard more guitar more everything in the chorus and then start back the the slowish guitar riff, and repeat, its absolutly on of my favorite tracks on the album. 07. Wiener Blut: this song reminds me of mein teil definetly creepy verse vocals and sounds until a super heavy chorus. Strings and keyboards make up the better part of the verse, and nothing is creepier then tills first "wilkommen" on the first chorus. This track is another great gereat track, and is another one of the standout tracks 08. P***y: definitely a single song but that definitely doesn't make it a pass over track, its got a really cool verse thats also got hilarious lyrics that make you laugh all the way through, the chorus though is a little weak with instruments the vocals are strong though and also very funny. the first half of the break is very cool and the guitars actually come out, and then the song ends with a final chorus. really the only ok track. 09. Liebe ist fur alle da: the track of the album and (thank goodness) one of the best of the album, the song almost sounds like a throw back to the first album, and its an awesome sound, the guitar line is a very fun very heavy line, and the lyrics are great too every time i hear it i want to yell out with till "Liebe ist fur alle da!" and theres a solo! and a simple and very cool one at that. This track is a standout without a doubt. 10. Mehr: "more" a cool keyboard intro and a very heavy chorus, the verse has an awesome drum line to go along with it that gets you pumped for the approaching chorus featuring a full band chant and a great riff, like many other the brealk is the highlight of the song and this song is the one that defines the band progress in sound and playing, its so cool and just indescribale I love the sound and intensity a great great track 11. Roter Sand: "red sand" the other slow song of the album, and is really great and joins my list of of best songs ever, the vocals are absolutly beautiful and the guitar line is just so eery and great, lots of orchestra work on this one as well, strings and of course the brass, this songs motif is a whistle that repeats through the song and is a great match to the song. This song is approaching a masterpeice in my opinion and is a great close for an awesome album. The sound for this ablum is great and fulfills my hopes to a t it gets a 9 (if I could make it more accurate I'd say about an 8.8 so close enough) // 9

Lyrics: Since I don't really know german very well (or at all) I can't judge to well but I can say some stuff has caught my attention, and that all the songs are poetic and complex, many feature double meanings, and are all trademark rammstein lyrics. The best in my opinion is a verse from roter sand: "Roter Sand und weisse Tauben Laben sich an meinem Blut Am Ende gibt es doch ein Ende Bin ich doch zu etwas gut" translated: "Red sand and doves* Refresh themselves on my blood At the end there is but an end I am finally at something good**" * Tauben = pigeons, Weisse Tauben = white pigeons = doves ** This means I have finally found something good The lyrics are all beautiful all poetic and all sound damn good. // 9

Overall Impression: The 6th Rammstein album is great, highlighted byu tracks such as waidmanns heil, weiner blut, liebe ist fur alle da, and roter sand thios album is a awesome productions lyrically and musically. I think my feelings for this album are clear I will end with what I've always said. Rammstein has never made a bad album. // 10

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overall: 10
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: Ninjamattis, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: Finally, Rammstein unleashes yet another album with "Liebe ist fьr alle da", and unlike the slightly disappointing "Rosenrot", Rammstein takes an important step towards becoming the greatest metalband ever. This album proves that these mid 40's from Germany are only improving, and the sounds you will hear on this album is really breathtaking! // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are as we all know and love them, filled with metaphors, taboo's and a sense of dark humour. The lyric for "Wiener Blut" is for me where Rammstein really sets the standard for metal-lyrics. This is a piece of brilliance, relating to the Josef Fritzel case. You can really feel the despair of those poor children through Till's singing, and then suddenly, Josef's devil-like rage when he yells "In der Dunkelheit". A truly masterfull piece. What really impressed me on this album was Till's improvement in both lyrics and singing. Just listening to the song "Ich tu dir Weh" gives you an image of an impressing vocalist and songwriter, and I hope to see more of that in future releases. Also to be noted, "Bьckstabu" is probably the most powerfull singing I've heard so far from Till. BRILLIANT! // 10

Overall Impression: In the end, Rammstein really shows themselves worthy of the metal-throne with this mighty and sentimental album. It's almost as they've taken those beautiful lyrics from Sehnsucht and thrown it together with the sheer force of songs like "Reise, Reise", "Mein Teil" and "Sonne". The most impressive songs on the album in my opinion must be "Haifisch", as it's really a fun song along with a sad and lonely lyric. Also, "Frьhling in Paris", "Ich tu dir Weh", "Bьckstabu" and "Roter Sand" all feel like unforgettable songs for me. For me, this is probably the best release from Rammstein, and even "Pussy" is a great piece of work, probably ment as a finger to the MTV infested rap-videos with half-naked women and softcore pornography. The thing I love about this album is that it's a real benchmark in metal, not just for this band, but also for all metalbands. The only downside is that I now have to wait to next year to hear the new songs live as I'm going to Oslo then. If this album was stolen from me, I would first buy a new one, and then hunt down the thief and end him. All in all, probably Rammsteins most complete album so far, run and buy! // 10

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overall: 9.7
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: Nesha Strah, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: Rammstein. Finally. I've expected LIFAD since the day I've listened to all of Rosenrot tracks. Now, R+ arrives in all its glory! 01. Rammlied (Ramm-song): I think this will be the new live show-opener. Great heavy track, reminds me of their first 2 albums... 2 awesome riffs in this song (the first riff kinda reminds me of Black Sabbath...) 02. Ich Tu Dir Weh (I Hurt You): awesome song, I think of it as a heavier version of Stein Um Stein. As always, hard hitting riffs on this one, sounds like Mutter/Reise, Reise era 03. Waidmanns Heil (Hunter's Greeting): very Heavy song, great chorus... just awesome! DIE KREATOR MUST STERBEN! 04. Heifisch (Shark): cool intro here, sounds like some 70's dance music. This one is one of the lighter songs(still great) 05. B******** (Buckstabu): this one reminds me of all the sick rammstein songs (mein teil, buck dich...) Buckstabu is a word invented by rammstein, means "whatever you want". Heavy music, heavy lyrics, hard-poundin' song! 06. Fruhling in Paris (Springtime in Paris): finaly, a true ballad. One of the rare on this album, nonetheless awesome song.Reminds me of Ohne Dich... Note some French lyrics sung by Till. 07. Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood): starts of lightly, but then, RAWR, in your face riff kicks in and melts your face! Kinda like "mein herz brennt" 08. Pussy (what do you think?): yet another scandalous song by rammstein (next to mann gegen mann, mein teil etc.), great riffs, omg lyrics. The only thing I hate about this song is the pronunciation of "d--k" (sounds like D--k-ah).... 09. Liebe ist fur Alle Da (Love is for everyone here): fastest song on the album, main riff reminds me of "Links", pure awesomness! 10. Mehr (More): one of the best riffs on the album, great song, great lyrics! 11. Roter Sand (Red-er Sand): the second ballad of the album. Has a beautiful whistling melody throughout the song... Simply, a beautiful song... Also note the (increased) use of a double bass pedal on this album. If I had to choose my favorite song on this album, I would have a hard time choosing... But lets try, for example I choose Rammlied, Wieners Blut, Waichmanns Heil, LifAD and Roter Sand. Too much, eh? // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics on this album, as always with rammstein, are complex, metaphorical, and deep. They go great with the music. Singing is clean, with some gruff moments (B****** etc.), which I like very much. Till, although aging, can sing really beautifully... As always. Ps. Dick-ah pisses me off... // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to other albums, I'd say, better than rosenrot, 1/2 Sehnsucht and 1/2 Herzeleid. IMO it's somewhere along with Reise, Reise and Mutter (Mutter is better ofc). Songs on the album are all great, both ballads awesome, everything else also awesome. IMO, the weakest song on the album is "Pussy"... If it was stolen/lost, I would freak out! Of course I'd buy it again! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da Reviewed by: the_messenger66, on january 07, 2010
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Sound: Rammstein has never disappointed me in the past, and it hasn't let up yet. Their sixth studio album, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, is a mixture of all the signature Rammstein spices atop their German Industrial main course. This album has more of a Mutter feel then is predecessors Rosenrot and Reise, Reise. That's not so much a setback, just more as a flashback in my opinion. They took a break after the Rosenrot Release, where guitarist Richard Kruspe completed a side-project Emigrate. Coming back, Richard had said in an interview with Metal Hammer that it was hard to get back into the painful recording progress of Rammstein's past albums. "Everyone thought they knew how to go about writing the album," which of course created problems, and they got close to calling it quits. Fortunately, they pulled through, but it seems that there disagreements swim underlying in the record. There were parts where it felt a little awkward, but only in small parts, as it is still a solid album. As always, Rammstein comes in with a strong first track, this time called, "Rammlied," with choirs and Singer Till Lindemann's voice alone, before busting into powerchords and cymbals. The two best sounding tracks on the album were "Ich tu Dir Weh," "Fruhling In Paris," and "Pussy," hands down. I am very happy with these and am glad two out of three have been the singles (so far). Waidmann's Heil was interesting for me, since it first comes in with the Reveille-type trumpets, upon which I (and my girlfriend when I showed her) said aloud, "WTF this is Rammstein?" With their title track being, "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da," meaning "Love Is There For Everyone," I assumed it would be a ballad, but then again, they're Rammstein, so I was wrong. Especially since the line afterward is, "Nicht fur Mich, (Not for Me)" so I'm thinking, "oh, but OF COURSE!" And last, but not least, the final track Roter Sand. I didn't like this song that much when I first heard it, but after repeated listening I grew fond of it. It's powerful but quite simple, and rounds of the album nicely. As for the album art, I had seen something like this in an art Museum about a month before. It's really well done in my opinion, especially the giant foldout (I got the deluxe so I don't know what's in the regular CD), where is depicts what I think is cannibalism, and/or the idea behind "Ich tu Dir Weh," in Rammstein's "Lair" with a lot of coal. The edition I got comes with five bonus songs. I am going to say if you don't care for Rammstein that much, then buy just the CD. But I love Rammstein, and their good songs, not outstanding (hence not on the album) but decent. // 10

Lyrics: Till Lindemann has always been a really interesting lyricist, really raw and unafraid to say or sing whatever he wants. He has a really beautiful singing voice, and I'm glad to say he actually sings more in this album than in past. Unfortunatly, I'm not great at reading of speaking German, so I have to look for the English lyrics online, which right now they only have tracks 1-6. So I just will write about some of them here: Rammlied - It seems that Till picked up where En Lied left off. "If happiness makes you sad/If there are no stars in the night/If you're lonely and alone/We are here, tune in/Rammstein." These two song have similar messages with I thought was a cool link. But more in general, this song signifies the unification of Rammstein once again. Ich Tu Dir Weh - There was a lot of controversy about this song in Germany, and put this album on there "banned" list for 2009. One can still buy the album in Germany, they just have to be 18, and Rammstein can't play "Ich Tu Dir Weh" live in their own country. This song is mainly about S&M. "You bleed for the salvation of my soul/A little cut and you're turned on/Your body already completely disfigured/Whatever, anything goes." And with the Chorus: "I hurt you/I'm not sorry/It does you good/Listen to it scream." This is one of Rammstein's more brutal songs, but its a damn good one. Waidmanns Heil - Literal translation, "Good Hunting" or "Huntman's Greeting." This song is a good driving song I found out, which makes sense since this song's about Hunting (with the horses and dogs). My favorite part of this song is the pre-Chorus, since it's quite bouncy. B******** - This is an interesting song, since the song title is a made up word, pronounced, "Buckstabu." The translator (Jeremy Williams) said is was a corruption of the word, "Buchstabe," meaning a "letter (of the alphabet)". Judging by the lyrics, it reminds me of the book, "A Scarlet Letter." But then the word would be "lettered" since the heroine has to where a scarlet letter A on her clothes for committing adultery. "Voices whisper behind the face/They say/Don't do that/Leave it be/Don't touch it/Just say no/L*****/Is what I'll get L*****/Is what I'll get." But this theory only fits together like two puzzle pieces that look like they fit that you want to take a hammer to. Richard said it means whatever you want it to mean. Fruhling in Paris - Till Lindemann has sung in German, English, Russian, Spanish, and now, French. This song and lyrics is done beautifully, though is the opposite of the songs mood (Once again, it's Rammstein!) While the song is a soft ballad, Till sings about rough sex. "She shouted words at my face/And bowed down low/But I didn't understand her language/I haven't regretted it//Oh no, nothing at all/Oh no, I don't regret anything/When I left her skin/Springtime bleeds in Paris." Pussy - I need not describe this song, since it's in English and straightforward enough. The only notable thing is Till says, "Fahrvergnugen" which made me laugh, and it means, "the love of driving," a word invented by Volkswagen, but instead of a car, I think here they mean like driving a screw. // 10

Overall Impression: Most bands have a "back to basics" album, and I think that this is Rammstein's attempt at that. They switched back from Drop C tuning to Drop D in order to try out the orchestra's in a different key and feel, as well as to regain a sense of beginning again. And with coming back from a break, they were able to capture that quite well. The album's not perfect, but it's strong as it needs to be. My favorite Song are "Ich Tu Dir Weh" "Waidmanns Heil" "Fruhling In Pairs" and "Pussy". The one thing I really don't like about it is the Chorus of, "Mehr," since it feels so out of place. Richard said in the interview that he liked all of the songs save for one, so maybe he agrees with me. If you are a Rammstein fan, then this is a definite buy. But if you're a Rammstein fan enough to read thought this whole review, you probably already have it. // 8

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