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rascal flatts: Rewindcompact discs
Rascal Flatts: Rewind

Released: May 13, 2014. Genre: Country, Country Pop. Label: Big Machine. Number Of Tracks: 13. In a lot of ways Rascal Flatts are like a phenomenon in the country-pop world, due to their over-the-top live shows, but also because of their smoothly produced studio sound and solid songwriting, which is evident in this release.

POSTED: 05/21/2014 - 08:11 am

rascal flatts: Still Feels Goodcompact discs
Rascal Flatts: Still Feels Good

Release Date: Sep 25, 2007. Label: Lyric Street. Genres: Contemporary Country. Number Of Tracks: 13. They're once again the most normal stars in either country or pop, but Still Feels Good suggests that there's not only a fine line between ordinary and dull, but that the group is on the verge of crossing it.

POSTED: 09/29/2007 - 01:11 am