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street dogs: Fading American Dreamcompact discs
Street Dogs: Fading American Dream

Release Date: Oct 24, 2006. Label: DRT Entertainment. Genres: Punk Revival. Number Of Tracks: 13. Fading American Dream is simply another heartfelt statement from a band that deserves to be heard.

POSTED: 02/20/2008 - 02:10 am

street dogs: Back To The Worldcompact discs
Street Dogs: Back To The World

Released: Jan 25, 2005. Genre: Rock. Styles: Punk Revival. Number Of Tracks: 12. If, you want catchy, thoughful punk with a message and are willing to accept the fact that some songs are stronger than the others and have a tendancy to sound alike, this just may be your album.

POSTED: 05/20/2005 - 07:04 am