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the glitch mob: Love Death Immortalitycompact discs
The Glitch Mob: Love Death Immortality

Released: Feb 11, 2014. Genre: Glitch-Hop, Electronic, Dubstep. Label: edIT. Number Of Tracks: 10. With their second full length release, The Glitch Mob manages to combine elements of rock music into their particular brand of EDM in a way that really pushes the envelope for their sound.

POSTED: 02/18/2014 - 10:49 am

the glitch mob: Drink the Seacompact discs
The Glitch Mob: Drink The Sea

Released: May 25, 2010. Genre: Electronic, Glitch, IDM. Label: Glass Air Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. This album is a masterpiece, it's incredibly well done and has some of the greatest electronic tracks I've ever heard, each one was as or more impressive than the other.

POSTED: 07/29/2013 - 04:05 am