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artist: ac dc date: 08/08/2006 category: dvd
ac dc: No Bull
Release Date: March 6, 2001
This live concert DVD runs about 2 hours in length. If you're a true fan of AC/DC it is a must have.
 Sound: 8.5
 Content: 9
 Production Quality: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.8
No Bull Reviewed by: Dukefan25, on july 06, 2006
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Sound: AC/DC: No Bull - Live At Plaza De Toros, Madrid was released in March, 2001. I bought this while traveling Europe so I'm not sure if this has been released in the US yet. THe video was takin during a 1996 concert, this meaning AC/DC was not at its peak. Brian Johnson can't push out his signature voice and high notes quite as well as he used to while lead guitarist Angus Young is also well past his prime which is obviously shown during a quite noticeable mistake in the intro to 'Thunderstruck'. On the other hand, this concert shows many of AC/DC's less known songs which is great if you are a true AC/DC fan. Some of these songs include: 'Hail Caesar', 'Shot Down In Flames', 'Hard As A Rock', and 'Dog Eat Dog'. So while this is not the Australian rock bands peak performance, it shows you the songs that are lesser known yet still quite impressive. // 7

Content: This live concert DVD runs about 2 hours in length. As an owner of a few other AC/DC live concerts, I was happy to see, as mentioned earlier, the lesser known songs by the group. Most of their other DVD's only show their hits that anyone would recognize. This was a good spice up. The extra features mode doesn't contain much, but then again, I have never been too interested in them anyway. // 8

Production Quality: The footage itself is great. I really have no complaints. A surplus of great angles of the band as well as the crowd. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this is a 'good' DVD. I love AC/DC so this is just one of those concerts that I love, but if they're not one of your favorites, you may not like it as much. Also, when I bought this in England and brought it back to the US, I had a problem with the region coding. So if you're looking to buy it, I would look into that first because US as a different DVD region code that other countries. If you're a true fan of AC/DC it is a must have, if not, check it out if you like and if you don't you're not missing out. // 7

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overall: 9.5
No Bull Reviewed by: kapper_23, on august 08, 2006
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Sound: As you probably already know, AC/DC are one of the best bands from Australia and are the best 'rock n' roll' band in the world. They have been around for more than thirty-odd years (twenty when the concert was recorded) and have never seemed like they are going to stop! They have influenced hundreds of bands. // 10

Content: The main content is AC/DC's show at the Plaza De Toros in Madrid, which was in 1996. I bought this as it seemed to be like a live best of, and pratically every 'hit' is hear; Back In Black, Thunderstruck, Highway To Hell, Dirty Deeds, T.N.T and the list goes on! The songs I felt were missing was; Jailbreak, Who Made Who and Are You Ready, but other songs that they wouldn't play that often; Dog Eat Dog, Girls Got Rhythm and Shot Down In Flames, are a good addition. The current album at the time was Ball-Breaker, and four of the songs are represented: Hard As A Rock, Boogie Man, Hail Caesar and the title track. Hail Caesar is a great track, in my opinion, while the other three are alright, but not great. Brian sings (As I hoped you all knew) and is fairly good, but lets face it; he isn't a good singer but he tries his best and is a decent frontman. The Young brothers are on fire, with Malcolm laying excellent rhythms and Angus running around the stage like a child who has had too much red cordial! Phil is also great and shows that you don't have too have a massive kit to be good (you all know who I am talking about). Cliff is decent but you can't hear him either when he is playing or providing backing vocals! The only bonus feature is the making of the video for 'Hard As A Rock' and the clip itself boring. But aside from that it's fantastic. // 10

Production Quality: The technology wasn't amazing, as it seems that they have just converted the original video version to DVD, but the quaility of the audio and visiual was perfect. The menu looked pretty cool as well, but the concert starts straight away, i.e it dosen't go to any menus first. // 8

Overall Impression: I think you can tell if a live DVD is good if it makes you want to pick a guitar straight away and/or see them live, and this DVD easily does it. It is a fantastic DVD and is worth buying even if you are not a huge fan. If I lost it or if someone stole it I would weep for days on end until I bought a new copy. // 10

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