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artist: ac dc date: 04/12/2008 category: dvd
ac dc: Plug Me In
Release Date: October 16, 2007
Witness every stage of the world's most electrifying rock band! Plug Me In -- the new 3DVD Collector's Edition set contains over 7 hours of rare and unreleased LIVE video from AC/DC.
 Sound: 9.7
 Content: 9.7
 Production Quality: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 9.5
Plug Me In Reviewed by: Gibson_Man, on october 31, 2007
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Sound: As always, the sound of AC/DC is roaring with guitars and drums. On this DVD set you can hear, and see, first hand how this great band became the way it is today through their early career shows. The best part about the DVD is the old shows AC/DC did. All of these are great and there are even some you wouldn't expect. On High Voltage, Bon is all decked out in nice pants, shirt, coat and shoes. When have we ever seen that in Bon! He's always known for wearing practically nothing! From there, you can follow AC/DC on their glorious trip from 1975 to 1979. Throughout those years we witness the growing talent each member obtains as the show goes on. // 10

Content: What captured my attention the most was seeing black and white footage of AC/DC and a high school talent show way back in the day. Angus doesn't even have his schoolboy uniform on. He's wearing a striped T-shirt he usually wears when not "in school". On "It's A Long Way To The Top", I was in awe at how classic AC/DC was. Bon has on a Superman shirt, Angus is dancing like a mad man, and Malcolm is wearing some early clothes he even wore when Dave Evans was in the band. From there on out, the rawness continues with scenes from "Rock Goes To College", "Sight And Sound", and a showing of AC/DC's first TV appearance in Europe, playing "Live Wire". The interviews on here are neat, seeing the band all together. The one I like best is the one with just Bon Scott. He tells a lot about the band and their early tours in America. It's cool. // 10

Production Quality: The footage on here is great, most of it is clear. The only poorly produced clips are those of the high school talent show and early performances of "Baby, Please Don't Go". Otherwise, it's perfect. The people who put this set together really took a lot of time to put together the film and it's contents. The weirdest thing abou the production is the main menu. The beginning is a little corny though. It starts off saying "Please insert coin". Dull. Then the main menu is set up like an arcade game. what does that have to do with AC/DC? // 9

Overall Impression: This DVD set is perfect for any AC/DC fan. It out does Family Jewels and Live At Donington. Before each song, the DVD tells you the song, year, and place. I like that, but it says AC/DC in a way a bootleg would do it. Also, it has animations of Angus doing the duckwalk across the screen. Weird. This is a great DVD set, don't get me wrong. But the main menu takes away the sense of AC/DC and their rawness. // 9

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overall: 10
Plug Me In Reviewed by: bowdyyz69, on january 23, 2008
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Sound: The sound is great for live footage very clean. AC/DC is probally the finest rock band to come from down under (australia) and this show it with great classic songs from all there albums. If you enjoyed AC/DC albums you would enjoy this pack very much. It's got the great sound of the Angus Young SG and the unique vocal of Bon Scott and Brian Johnston, if you wanna rock this is the pack to get bar none. // 10

Content: It has great videos of the band playing there most famous songs and not so famous but still awesome songs, it has songs such as High Voltage, It's A Long Way To The Top, T.N.T, Highway to Hell Whole Lotta Rosie, Shook Me All Night Long, Dirty Deeds, Thunderstruck, Stiff Upper Lip and plenty more. With the 3-disc pack includes some bonus material and a poster, and some old backstage passes and a few stickers. // 10

Production Quality: It was made to Ac Dc quality with all the clips having great footage of concerts from all around the world. It has been put together with time and hasn't been slaped up in a quick rush to get it on the market from some quick money, it is a true collectors item with great production quality. // 10

Overall Impression: The 3-disc pack is great got all the classics from both the Bon Scott era and the Brian Johnson era and everything in between. It's a bunch of the bands vidoes of them playing all around the world at all different concerts with a few little extras. The amount of songs is very impressive, this is an ultimate collectors item for AC/DC lover. // 10

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overall: 9
Plug Me In Reviewed by: ACDCrox74, on april 12, 2008
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Sound: AC/DC, Personally My favorite band lets out the unseen. In this Fully Jam Packed DVD you get Great Sound, ecsoecially with My sorround sound at my house. I few of the clips have some very old footage even black and white and that sound is a bit hard to hear(and see) over the crowd and etc. When I bought my AC/DC Plug Me In, it came with a bonus 5-track CD. Most of the footage has never been seen before on tape with editing. It is a great DVD(s) with a nice compact sound. // 9

Content: The DVD also comes with exclusive interviews from old TV shows and other things like that, It has most of AC/DC's classic hit songs but just watching it is great! Most of the songs are live from old(and when I say old, I mean it) concerts. So long ago that angus's hair was only about down to his ears. I am very proud of my desicion on buying this wonderful 2-disc DVD set! // 9

Production Quality: There are not many effects in the video. you can tell that theyare recorded with old cameras and you can see the crowd's heads right in ffont of the camera. This isnt nessacarly a bad thing though, because it gives it that "old" look, kinda like the first time stuff, ya know it makes it look "cool". It has pretty good wuality, therefore they edited the video and also told you what song would be playing, where and also when. // 8

Overall Impression: I love this DVD set so much, that if someone took it, I would hunt them down with a shotgun. I personally think this is about 20 times better than the Family Jewels DVD set. This even has the "Bonn" years and the "Brian" years. It is very funny when you watch it the first time around, and when it goes to the main menu, angus is doing the duck walk across like a pinball machine. It is kind of like a video game with angus shooting the power of rock at things. then you can choose a song you would like it to go to etc. it's got all the basics of an acdc dvd, but better. // 10

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