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artist: used date: 08/18/2008 category: dvd
used: Berth
Release Date: Feb 6, 2007
It features segments of backstage and in-the-studio shenanigans that should satisfy fans eager to gain insight into their favorite band, plus concert footage that serves to remind us all that the Used at least remains a visually, if not always musically, exciting act.
 Sound: 7.5
 Content: 8.5
 Production Quality: 7
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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Berth Reviewed by: Random Hero x, on march 03, 2007
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Sound: On Tuesday, Feburary 6th 2007. The Used Nation buzzed with anticipation. "Berth" was about to be born. "Berth" is a CD/DVD of The Used latest tour for their 2006 release "In Love And Death". Although many people were confused and thought this to be the new CD from The Used. "Berth" definetly exceeded people expectation. // 7

Content: The DVD is packed with loads of musical goodies and the artwork is truley amazing. It consist of a live show with such songs as "Box Full of Sharp Objects", "Blue And Yellow", "I'm A Fake" and many more. The CD is the audio version of the show filmed in Canada. Personally I was expecting more songs I would love to see them play "Sound Effects and Overdramatics" I was disappointed that they didn't! Also the lighting for the DVD isnt the greatest which makes you have to strain your eyes to see clearly. The DVD also and some "Junk" as they put it filled with the bass play Jepha and Quinn answering questions that fans sent them self. The DVD also contains home footage shot over the several tours that The Used have been on. Project Revolution, Taste of Chaos and many more. They also show about one min of their new single "Handsome Awkward." // 8

Production Quality: Over all the production quality is pretty decent, they really promote the whole artwork theme that The Used has going for them with the splashed font and what not. Some parts of the DVD is filmed horrible though. Overall it is alright. Jepha and Quin did an amazing job at editing this DVD. They have amazing audio overlays and a lot of amazing footage from the past. It isnt as long as they intended seeing that they had to remove a lot of scenes due to them kicking the drummer out. // 5

Overall Impression: Personally for me ever since I bought the story of the year DVD no music DVD has come close to it. However "Berth" is up there. You will be satisfied if you buy it, but it won't be one of those DVDs you watch over and over again. You will get tired of it after the first time and then you'll regret buying it and prob go out and buy the new Fall Out Boy CD. // 7

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overall: 8.5
Berth Reviewed by: hew-jass, on august 18, 2008
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Sound: First off The Used put on an amazing live show and this is reflected in this DVD. The sound of the DVD is great quality. Bert's voice is amazing thrown in there with Quinn's guitaring and Jeff's bass. This isn't one of those knock off DVDs that are poor in the sound and you can hear the audiences reaction to the band which is quite hard to come by in a live DVD. // 8

Content: There are four different parts to the DVD. there's first a documentary about the band as they made their second album "In Love And Death" going through the whole of their tour with referances to Project Revoloution, The Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos. Also Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance makes a brief referance to the Used as "one of the bands who are in the business for the right reasons". Then there is the live show which itself is amazing. The content goes from the bands first two albums "The Used" and "In Love And Daeth" and the bands EP "Something to Burn". Highlights of the DVD include the songs "Listening", "A Box Full Of Sharp Objects" and a beautiful performance of "On My Own". After the show, there are three music videos "Take It Away", "All That I've Got" and "I Caught Fire" which are amazing. And finally guitarist Quinn and bassist Jeff answer questions ent to them by fans. // 9

Production Quality: The different shows during the documedntary are pretty good. There's a bit from the Project Revoloution tour where Bert McKracken runs on stage and screams a part of Linkin Park's song Faint which is pretty cool. The camera shots on the live show are pretty cool is well. You see so many different shots from members of the audience and close ups and birds eye views that the concert really gives you a view of how much a good band The Used are live. // 9

Overall Impression: This is a great DVD. The Used are brilliant live and the features of this DVD. The best parts of the DVD are when the band are playing On My Own" and "Maybe Memories". The fans questions are a bit boring at the end but only because of the fact that oe you've watched the firs three parts of the DVD you can't be bothered watching the end. I do recommend this DVD. It's a good band who play well live and you get to see how well they work together and the studio and as a live performence. // 8

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