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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 09/12/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: S5470
This Ibanez S5470 Prestige is the electric guitar other metal-minded guitars will be judged against. 24 frets of wicked fast neck, ZR2 bridge with ZPS3 spring system, and an advanced tonal versatility give the S5470 guitar an edge over most guitars in its class.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.6
 Reliability & Durability: 9.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.8
 Features: 9.6
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overall: 9
S5470 Reviewed by: SGSamurai, on april 16, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1380

Purchased from: Kurosawa Music

Features: The guitar is a 2008 model Ibanez S5470 with a Limited edition Buried walnut top and Red Viking finish. This is one of the Newer prestige models built in Japan. Its features include: the long awaited Prestige 24-fret wizard neck, ultra-thin mahogany body, finished in an absolutely stunning Red Viking flat (literally everybody whos seen its jaw has dropped), ZR-2 Tremolo Bridge, Hot Grinder and Short Tracer pickups (H/S/H configuration), Gotoh locking tuners, came with a Prestige hardcase (which is pretty much bulletproof) as well as a gig bag. // 9

Sound: I play a wide range of musical styles from Buddy Guy to Trivium and I find it suits most styles of music very well. Because it's an Ibanez it's always going to be good for shredding, but the inclusion of the single-coil allows you to get that jangly Who- esque sound, the neck humbucker gives you a chunky Les Paul sound and the bridge is great for heavy distortion and extreme riffing. I'm currently using this with a Vox Brian May amp, a Boss MD-2 and a DigiTech RP150( purely for effects) and it works a treat. A good metal tone is Incredibly easy to get and shredding is a real Joy on the wizard neck. If I want to get a more classic rock type of sound, all I do is Switch to the neck pickup and belt out a couple of Led Zep riffs. The cleans are not a high point but I guess that's my amp at fault rather than the guitar. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar is a Team J-craft (made in Japan) product and so I wasn't expecting any major flaws, but nevertheless the construction was flawless and the only physical flaw was a small ding on the back which saved me about 100. They set the guitar up for me at the shop, so I got nice low-action and instant playability. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is built to last and both the wood and hardware looks like it could survive for a long time. The only problem is that you can get carried away with how light it is and start to swing it about a bit too much, another reason why I replaced the factory strap buttons with Schaller strap locks. Perhaps the only problem I've had with it, is that the paint has chipped a bit at the bottom of the guitar, which is weird since I've had it a week and taken immaculate care of it. I'd never use it Live without a backup but I could probably rely on it if I did. The tuning is also very stable and won't go out of tune if you carry it around in a gig bag and will survive hours of whammy abuse. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall I think this is a Brilliant investment for someone Who is studying the guitar (I've been playing 1 and a half years). I play a diverse range of musical styles and this guitar lets me do that. The level of Playability on an Ibanez is still un-matched as I tried a PRS CE22, A Gibson Les Paul Studio and A Fender American Stratocaster in the same shop and this was the best. If you want to get one of 54, of the limited edition, Walnut top ones then you'll need to hop on the plane to Japan to get one, as they are only being sold there. That being said it's probably worth it considering how gorgeous this guitar is. Pics are here but they don't really do it justice. If it were stolen then I would hunt down the guy who stole it with a bloody chainsaw and make them pay for stealing my beloved axe! If I still couldn't get hold of it then I would hold a funeral for it before ordering a new one. All in all, I think it's down to personal preference, but if you're in the market for a solid, well built guitar that does metal and hard rock particularly well, then trying this guitar is essential. // 10

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overall: 10
S5470 Reviewed by: jreikes, on june 10, 2009
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Price paid: $ 1199

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: The guitar is a 2009 Prestige series from Ibanez's Team J. Craft in Japan. Thin, arched top mahogany body with a transparent black sunburst. 5 piece maple wizard neck with 24 frets on a rosewood fingerboard. The three passive pickups are in a hum-sing-hum configuration with each pickup having it's own unique sound. The bridge is one of the newer ZR bridges, so it pivots on ball bearings instead of knife edges like a Floyd Rose would. The spring system in the back keeps it steady during tuning or even string breakage, so it stays in tune. Under normal playing conditions (no tuning change or string breakage), I think a Floyd Rose actually holds tune slightly better, but the ability to Switch to dropped D tuning quickly is a huge plus. Also, the bridge is simply better enginered and manufactured than the original FR bridges I've seen. Hardshell case (with Ibanez Prestige logo) is included. // 10

Sound: If this guitar can't suit your style, I don't know what style you're playing. The neck pickup reminds me of a Les Paul, the middle is a no-hum Strat, and the bridge is a screamer. Noise is minimal. Playing through my Line 6 modeling amp or my RP350 modeler, there's not really a sound I can think of that this guitar can't do very well. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The fit and finish is impeccable. This is one the highest quality guitars I've ever seen. The action was a little high and I found the sound improved a bit by bringing the bridge pickup a touch closer to the strings. But these were definitely both preference issues -- the out of the box setup was perfectly usable and clearly done with care. // 10

Reliability & Durability: All of the hardware feels very well made and durable. I've heard warnings that the wizard necks are easy to break and I don't really doubt it -- it's quite thin. As long as I don't drop it or anything like that, everything looks like it will hold up very well. // 10

Overall Impression: Seriously impressed. I am a big fan of the bridge system and the versatility of the pickups. I've been playing for close to 20 years. I currently own 5 guitars, but generally play my American Standard Strat most often. My only concern now is that I'm not sure I'll find many occasions where I feel like playing my beloved Strat anymore. If anything happened to this new guitar, I would be seriously upset and would replace it. // 10

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overall: 8
S5470 Reviewed by: theflyingapple, on july 11, 2011
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Price paid: $ 1699.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This Ibanez Prestige S5470 was manufactured in Japan in 2010. It features a 24 fret super wizard fretboard, maple/walnut bolt-on neck, a mahogany body/quilted maple top. It has a ZRII locking tremolo with a ball bearing based pivot joint, which gives it a better tuning stability. Gotoh locking tuners. The neck pickup is a HG1 (Hot Grinder) Humbucking pickup, middle pickup is a ST2 (Short Tracer) single coil pickup and the Bridge has a HG2 pickup. The guitar came with a Ibanez hard case, a whammy bar and a small Ibanez toolkit that has small screwdrivers of different sizes and a ruler to measure the action. The toolkit is very useful when changing strings, tunings or adjusting the action/tension. // 9

Sound: I mostly play metal ranging from Metallica to something as heavy of Children Of Bodom. As lead guitarist, what I expected from this guitar was to have a fast playable neck and a good sharp tone for shredding. I play it through an Axl Rocktone30R and it sounds great. On the distortion channel I would say it would be heavy enough to play Metallica but it doesn't have enough to play death metal rhythms. For lead tones, the guitar does just fine and gives the right tone shredders look for. The biggest flaw for the sound is the sustain on the guitar. On the higher frets (20-24) it cannot sustain a note for 2 seconds, which is disappointing. Even while shredding, you could hear some weakness in the sound because the sustain is weak. The clean channel was a surprise as it gives a really smooth clean tone, great for jazz or classical pieces even. I would say the guitar has a quite diverse range of sounds it can produce. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Out of the box, the guitar was set up perfectly without any major problems. The only things I could think of are: It was untuned and I had to adjust the string tension, which is really easy to do on this guitar because the is a knob at the back of the guitar that adjusts string tension just by turning it. I have the red Viking finish and it looks absolutely beautiful and many people have pointed out that it looks really expensive and classy (It is). The only weird problem I had with the guitar is the when I opened the case, it had a very strange pungent smell. I thought it would go away after a while but it's been a year now and the smell hasn't gone away. Its not too noticeable for others unless they pickup the guitar. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've only had this guitar for a year, so will it last? I don't know. But I do trust in the japanese so I have high hopes that this will last. The finish seems very strong and since its a very heavy guitar(even though its really thin) it seems like it will withstand dropping or some other tragic event. But then again, I'm not sure. I've been taking care of this guitar so well it still looks like I bought it last night. If I keep taking care of it like this it will definitely last. I've played one live show at my high school solo performance and there were absolutely no problems playing live, and I nailed the solo. I was a bit nervous about the guitar staying in tune because I was playing "Surfing With The Alien", and for those who don't know, it pretty much whammy's the hell out of the guitar. But it was fine and the ZR locking tremolo worked very well. The only times the guitar goes out of tune is when you REALLY whammy it hard. // 7

Overall Impression: I love this guitar. Its so beautiful and it looks better than it does in the photos. The neck is as fast as it is advertised and it is super fun to play on. I do think it is a bit expensive as it could improve it's sustain problems and the pickups could be a bit stronger, (They aren't as powerful as EMGs) but I do think it's worth it. This is a shredder's guitar and I would recommend it to anyone who has the money. // 8

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overall: 9.6
S5470 Reviewed by: DevilsRedRider, on september 12, 2012
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Price paid: A$ 2500

Purchased from: Galaxy Guitar

Features: This guitar is a serious piece of instrument. Its a solid body Prestige Ibanez guitar with the following features: - 24 jumbo frets, easy to reach thanks to the deep cutaway - fast flat neck for speedy playing with a rosewood fingerboard. - Two high output passive humbucking pickups (bridge and neck) and a single coil between them. - 5 way selector switch - Tone and volume knobs - wicked, yet confusing ZRII floating tremolo - Nice 3D finish and a slim, mahogany body that literally draws the chicks attention immediately. - Guitar case that Chuck Norris couldn't break with both hands - Locking nut, to keep the strings in tune when doing those Steve Vai divebombs with the tremolo arm - Zero point spring tension system on the back. This basically means that if you use really light gauge strings, and you change to really heavy gauge, you can alter the spring tension, which saves you having to fiddle with the tremolo. Very handy piece of equipment! This guitar is equipped for the serious soloist. There is no denying, it is a shred machine. A+ effort from Ibanez. // 10

Sound: I do enjoy a large variety of music, and my playing reflects this. This guitar handles a lot of things very well. Its speciality is soloing. The cleans on this guitar are fantastic. Rich and bright. The two humbucking pickups are WAY louder than the single coil, but this is actually a rather handy thing. Loud for lead, soft for rhythm. I have tested this guitar through my Vox VT120+, Boss GT-10 multi-effects unit and through a couple of Fender amps, like the Blues Junior and the Frontman 212. It sings through all amps. Fender guitars are obviously the king of clean, but this guitar is still a fantastic sounding rig! When you throw some distortion, things only get better. It has limited or no buzz, which is what you would expect for an Ibanez guitar of this price. Its difficult to think of a bad aspect of the sound this guitar produces. It will bust out Vai or Satch tones with ease, and coupled with ZRII tremolo... Instant eargasm. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Well, my particular guitar had problems. Since it was a birthday present from my parents, I didn't get to try it. One thing I noticed was the action was WAY to high. This in turn caused the intonation to be out too. Worse of all, the neck was bent. So it really needed a professional set up. Moral of the story is, always get a professional set up. Its so worth it. Other than that, pickups were well adjusted, strap buttons strong, everything was as tight as a drum. But an 8 for the poor setup. I did have one incident where my B string wouldn't stay on. Basically on these guitars, rather than on Fender style guitars where the string is held in by the little ball on the string, this guitar holds them on with clamps in the bridge that are tightened with an Alan key. And for whatever reason, when I needed to play a show the next night, it just didn't hold properly. It was a once off thing, I have no idea why. Chances are it was my fault. A piece of advice for people who like to fiddle with their guitars. IF you don't know much about the bridge systems on this guitar, don't muck around with them! Only if you know what your doing should you attempt this. IT can result in runaway action / intonation, poor tuning stability etc. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Excellent, excellent, excellent! Well, apart from the string not holding in, but that was probably my fault. It will withstand live playing! It will not withstand setting on fire. However I would bet it would withstand fending off psychotic fans who climb on stage or breaking windows. that's how tough this guitar is! It's build like a brick, but because its so beautiful, I don't recommend throwing it around. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is very versatile, and has improved my playing 10fold. It is confusing as hell with its complicated bridge system, but it works really well! I have played for a number of years now and have played many fancy guitars. In my opinion, (dare I say it) this is better than mainstream Les Paul models. If this was stolen, the person who flogged it will die. I really can't find any flaws with it other than poor set-up. I would recommend this guitar to any guitarist looking for a fast playing axe! // 10

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overall: 9.6
S5470 Reviewed by: JB Andrews, on february 21, 2012
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Features: This guitar is a 2008 model Ibanez S5470 with a Red Viking finish. This is one of the Newer prestige models built in Japan, by Team J-Craft. Features include: Prestige 24-fret wizard neck, ultra-thin mahogany body, finished in a bright Red that will make your mouth water and hunger for some metal, ZR-2 Tremolo Bridge (this thing is amazing), HOT Grinder and Short Tracer pickups (H/S/H configuration), Gotoh locking tuners, Prestige hard shell case. Now I want to tell you a little more about the tremolo. The ZR-2 matched with the ZPS3 (Zero Point System) is a dream come true! Stays in tune far better than an original Floyd Rose in my opinion. I can dive bomb and vibrato the whammy bar all day and only have to do minor fine tuning. The ZPS3 will keep your guitar in tune even if a string breaks! I kid you not, this is amazing for playing live shows because you don't want to stop in the middle of a song because your guitar comes way out of tune from a broken string, the ZR-2 ZPS3 stays in tune! // 10

Sound: My style is Rock / Metal and this guitar is a great addition to my arsenal. I use this guitar live with both Krank Revolution Plus & a Krank Krankenstein amps and let me tell you this set up is killer! Amazing crunch, warmth and clarity on the HOT Grinder bridge pick up, some may want a little more gain and bite than this pick up offers but it is a great stock pick up. The neck pick up has sweet milky lead tones for shred licks and sweeping. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: As you can expect from Team J-Craft, the guitar came set-up like a dream, in tune and all. Action was just right and ready to shred as soon as this baby came in the mail. Everything about this guitar is quality and I love it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Trust me when I say this guitar will withstand live performance and touring. I am not a full on professional YET but I have done my share of out of town gigging as well as numerous local shows without having a back up. I have even recorded a full length metal album with only this guitar, all rhythm and leads tracks by myself with just this guitar, the Ibanez S5470 Prestige. Check out the album: Sever This Illusion - "Unidentified Assassins". // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar for 12 years and I have been in search of THIS GUITAR the entire time. Now that I have it I want a couple more just like it for back up purposes and well you know, I would like to just sit back and look at them! // 10

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