Vintage Modified Jaguar Review

manufacturer: Squier date: 07/27/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Squier: Vintage Modified Jaguar
It's a jack of all trades - rock/metal/blues/jazz, Even some country. This guitar can handle anything you throw at it. Take the time to set it up, and this guitar will serve very well for most players of any stripe or ability.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6
 Features: 6
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overall: 7
Vintage Modified Jaguar Reviewed by: djmarcelca, on july 27, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 299

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Features: - Built: 2011 - Where: Indonesia - How many Frets: 22 Jumbo - 24.00" scale length - Maple neck with rosewood fretboard, skunk stripe - Jag style Body: Basswood - Finish: Fiesta Red - Bridge: Jaguar/Jazzmaster specific hard tail Top Loading, Semi-floating bridge. - Passive Duncan-Designed humbuckers - Volume/tone stacked for each pickup - 3 way Les-Paul Style Selector switch No Accessories, I bought a set of Super slinky 0.09-0.42 to change into when I bought it. // 6

Sound: Sound: Very good. I play it Two ways. 1) Direct to my rehearsal amp (Peavey Envoy 110) 2) Direct to P.A. from my DigiTech RP355/Crybaby Wah pedal set up. No noise; which is what I expected with humbuckers. A Note about "Duncan Designed" Pickups. When you see this label it means that the manufacture - Squier/Fender in this case leases the circuit diagram from Seymour Duncan and produces the Pickup in there own offshore factory as opposed to buying Genuine Seymour Duncan pickups. These Pickup are Duncan-Designed HB102B (bridge) and HB102N (neck). The corresponding Seymour Duncan pickup is the JB SH-4. One of the highest selling pick-ups ever. This is not a Surf guitar, It's a Jack of all trades - Rock/Metal/Blues/jazz, Even some country. This guitar can handle anything you throw at it. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I've had the guilt for about a week now; First thing's first: GREAT sound, FAST neck. This thing is a PAIN to do it's initial set-up. The string saddles on the bridge piece are adjustable but not like a Strat/Tele with a rear screw or even like a tune-o-matic. To adjust the intonation it's Slacken the sting, undo the screw, move the saddle, tighten, and re-tune. A very very time consuming and irritating process. The string saddles are pre-set to the neck radius so adjusting the Sting height is similar to setting up a tune-o-matic. There is a hitch... The bridge FLOATS on the front 2 screws that also set string action. After you set desired string height, you use the one rear screw that actually goes into the wood, to level the bridge. String tension holds the bridge tight against the post screws. Once the bridge is leveled and saddles are tightened, all bridge buzz is eliminated (popular online complaint). Normally it takes me about 1.5 hours to set-up a guitar to my tastes, this one took almost 4 hours. Not for the faint at heart. I have the action set nice and low to use the jumbo-sized frets No buzz, no fret leveling needed, the Duncan Designed pick-ups are very clear and precise on both clean and distorted. Finish was Very good, no paint runs, no cracks, Neck aligned nicely from the factory, Nut did not require filing/Dressing. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I'd use it live without hesitation. I use another Squier currently to make YouTube videos of cover songs. I don't have to worry about back-ups I can't remember the last guitar failure I had onstage. I'm pretty gentle with my instruments as a rule. // 7

Overall Impression: Styles: - Blues - Classic rock - Disco/70's Funk - Modern Pop - Classic Heavy Metal How long Playing: 27 Years Other Gear: - 1984 Ibanez Artist AR 105 - 2006 Squier Fat Strat (Black and Chrome Edition) - 1982 Marshall JCM800 2x12 Combo - Does not gig anymore - 1993 Fender M-80 1x12 Combo - Does not gig anymore - 1998 Peavey Envoy 110 "TransTube" - Rehearsal Amp - 1990's Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah - 2011 DigiTech RP355 - Direct to P.A. mixer when gigging. Would I buy it again if Stolen: Yes. Short neck scale takes some adjustment, but after adapting, plays very, very fast. What did I compare it to: Nothing. There is no other guitar (That I'm aware of) By any other manufacture that has this short of a scale neck. Will I modify it? Absolutely; I won't be changing pickups. I like them fine. I will be modifying the selector switch/switching/Coil splitting options. Bottom line, If you're a gear snob, Pass this one by. No matter what anyone says you will not like it because of the branding. Take the time to set it up, or get a good set up done by a proper guitar tech, and this guitar will serve very well for most players of any stripe or ability. // 8

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