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manufacturer: Mesa Boogie date: 11/04/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Mesa Boogie: Rect-O-Verb
It has 2 channels with 5 modes total. The first channel has "Clean" and "Pushed" modes. The second channel has "Raw", "Vintage", and "Modern".
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 9.5
Rect-O-Verb Reviewed by: Samdunhamss, on march 12, 2009
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Price paid: $ 800

Purchased from: eBay

Features: I believe my amp is a 2004 model. The Mesa Boogie Rect-o-verb is a very impressive amp from what I can tell. It has 2 channels with 5 modes total. The first channel has "Clean" and "Pushed" modes. The second channel has "Raw", "Vintage", and "Modern". There is a "Solo" foot switchable option which cranks out extra volume for, well, solos. Each Channel has a gain knob, 3-band EQs, a Presence knob to add or subtract higher frequencies to tighten or loosen sound up. There is also a Reverb knob which is a nice addition from the Rectifier solo head. There is a Master volume on each channel also. The nice feature is you can crank a channel but control the volume with an "Output" control know. Great for working at lower volumes. This is a very impressive amp overall including 12AX7's (5), and 6L6's (2) stock. It has a switchable bias for EL-34's if you want a brighter tone. I believe this amps also comes with a cover, at least mine did. It has a Black Shadow speaker and a very large cavity compared to other 50 watt combos. The back is 3/4 closed providing a nice heavy tone. // 10

Sound: I play through this amp with an Ibanez RG1570 prestige series guitar. The Cleans on this amp are amazing in the shared neck and middle pickup position. The Reverb is a very nice touch. The styles I play range from a soft blues( mostly clean) to a brutal metal kind of tone. The clean channel hands most of your needs very well, it is not a Fender, but it gets the job done, and quite well at that. This amp can get very loud very quickly, which is to be expected from a tube amplifier. This amp is a jack of all trades though when it comes to sound. It takes a lot, and I mean a lot, of work dialing in your tones to get the best you can, but it worth it. It can get pretty loud without the clean distorting, and the distortion can get loud very very quick an has more than enough distortion. I have 6L6's in mine so the distortion is very dark and bass heavy, but I've heard EL-34's get a much brighter and tighter tone. All in all I still love the sound. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I cannot describe the reliability very well, but in home practice and studio use it has not let me down yet. I would use it in a gig without a back up, but I'd definitely bring spare tubes, just in case or course. This amp seems to be built like a rock though. Everything is very tight fitting which is a definite plus // 10

Overall Impression: I play Rock, Alternative, and Metal for my musical projects and this amp suit's every last one of them very well. I have been playing for nearly 7 years now and this amp is absolutely amazing, the tone might not be what some look for, mesa rectifiers are very subjective, but I love it. If I ever lost it or someone stole it I would have to pick up another one if insurance would help pay. I love this thing, I really do. I compared this item with my Crate (a solid state) and a valveking, and I much prefer it to either of them, if you have the cash, this is a must buy. I wish that this amp had tube rectification rather than just solid state, but that is standard on all singles, I would five the overall a lower rating because although I love these aspects individually, it makes for a very difficult amp to tweak. This is the only reason overall gets an 8. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Rect-O-Verb Reviewed by: son of anarchy, on november 04, 2009
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Price paid: $ 700

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I believe my rectoverb is around a 2004 model. I play modern hard rock and alot of soft rock and ballads, this suits that great. It has 2 channels with spring reverb (which is excellent and alot of people will tell you its too quite, but I think it's plenty loud). HAHAHA, headphone jack...yeah right. I have the series one which has 4 modes, all of which sound great in their own way, but I rarely use the pushed option. // 9

Sound: I play it with a Gibson les paul and as previously mentioned play hard rock and alot of soft rock and ballad type stuff, and it suits my musical needs very well. The clean on this amp is surprisingly good, not fendry good, but pretty close. Its can get noisy, but it aint that bad. This amp is very versatile, the only amp you could get with more versatility would be one of the mark series. Clean channel doesn't distort for a while. The distortion is good, but honestly, you REALLY need an OD for this amp, the low end is EXTREMLY flubby. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Built like a tank, just like everything else mesa makes. // 10

Overall Impression: Great amp but if I had my money back, I would probably just wait for a really good deal to come along and try to snatch a dual rec, the dual has more gain, which I really need...but overall great amp. Though make sure you have a good cab to go along with it if you have the head, because I made the mistake of using it with a really cheap cab and rest assured if you do that, it WILL sound like crap. // 9

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