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manufacturer: Vox date: 02/03/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Vox: AC30VR
This amp is not so much versatile in terms of the different sounds and tones that it can make but it does sound awesome.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Features: 8
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overall: 8
AC30VR Reviewed by: ISwanton, on february 03, 2011
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Price paid: £ 331

Purchased from: Nevada Music

Features: The Vox AC30VR is a 30 watt hybrid amp with 2 Channels. The clean channel has a 2 band eq with bass and treble and the overdrive chaqnnel which has a three band eq with seperate volume and gain controls and has two modes od-1 and od-2, Reverb, Tone Cut. The amplifier has a headphone jack, a footswitch jack, and it has a jack to hook up to an external cab (8 ohm). This amp is equiped with two 12" Vox speakers. The 2 band EQ on the clean channel gives a small or big amount of control over the EQ, I found the 3 band to give me control and able to get the sound I want. This amp is loud for a 30w hybrid amp however with its two 12" speakers I believe the output is now 60W but I am unsure, this amp can be used at home but if you really want to get the best of it save it for band practice and small to medium gigs. The reverb can be either in little in quantity or alot so it would be best not to rely on it. The tone cut is a great feature howver if you turn it two far clockwise you lose the higher frequencies that you will desire so maybe Vox could of shortened the range it efects but be able to affect it easilier. The optional footswitch allows you to turn the the channels and the reverb on. This amp is fairly versatile, after band practise last night I have discovered that this amp can go from beautiful cleans to fairly heavy metal and without the use of pedals, however at times you can think wait why have I got this sound this amp will react to the enviroment be it hot or cold. This amp in britain is around 400 new // 8

Sound: I've playted my squire telecaster custom II and Vintage V100 through this amp. Both have stock pickups. I play alot classic rock tunes (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Queen), some rock/alternative tunes (White Stripes, Muse, Foo FIghters) through it. This amp can produce feedback but don't worry it can sound great if you control it like jimi hendrix does, so for the amount of gain you get out of this amp it's quite unvelivebal there is little hiss or feedback. This amp has a very warm tone on the od-1 channel and can achieve that great classic rock sound with tweaking around and od-2 I didn't really notice alot of difference through changes to the eq or gain as it just sounds very high gain so will be great for modern rock but this amp has left me wanting more from it but for the price the sound you get is magnificent as compared to my other solid state amps I've had there is a real responce to the dynamics of you playing. The tube in the amp contrary to many does work it has a great suction when you turn the volume pots on your guitar down so you can go from classic rock to gental clean however there is a variation in volume but that can be fixed with some tweaking of the settings. Even though I love to play rock on my bridge pick-up's this amp responds with clarity for the neck pick-up making me change now my sound beffier and sharper than before. The reverb was the weakest part of the amp itr's nice to have but it's isn't very good. But the best part of this amp to see is when you have it turned to 11 and you see the amount of air the speakers shift, it is unatural. Like I think I have mentioned to really get the most out of this ac30 is to crank it up. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp is really sturdy and I think this amp would be reliable for gigs in small and medium venues. I think this amp was really made to be portable for small gigs and practice, however it depends if you want to take it to practise all the time if you don't practise at home because at 23kg's it is lighter than a real ac30 but it dosen't mean you want to carry it up and down the stairs all the times. It would be best for two people to carry it but if your on your own it can be a hassle however with the three handle it is made slightlier easier and I reckon it could easily take the abuse that would naturally occur. // 7

Overall Impression: I would have liked to play around with the footswitch with this amp like I did in store but was unable to buy due to funds. It would be worthwhile to purchase the footswitch to make channel swithcing on stage however there is a slight delay but I think that might differe between pedals. After owning a Vypyr 15 and and ornage Crush 30R this amp is easily the best purchase I have made it is so much better for tone and style. This amp has a slight warmth of a tube amp but it is 75% solid state so your still no were near the tone of a tube amp but this amp would be a great amp to have before going to tube's because of the responce this amp gives and the variation in tonality you can have. // 9

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overall: 9.5
AC30VR Reviewed by: oliee, on september 15, 2010
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Price paid: A$ 600

Purchased from: -

Features: This amp is not so much versatile in terms of the different sounds and tones that it can make but it does sound awesome. So much Chime and Punch on clean, and on the overdrive channel it provides all the gain that I need. Although someone who played more metal and hardcore rock would need more. This Amp uses Valve Reactor Technology which pretty much means it uses a tube in the Pre-Amp and the rest is solid state, providing more versatility than the original AC30. It supports a new Foot-switch, and works well with pedals. // 8

Sound: I use a Gibson Les Paul Junior with this Amp. I find the two go together very well. The body of a P-90 pickup with the chime and punch of the AC30VR suit my style of music very well (Classic Rock, Blues). Just by changing the equalizer knobs, you can get a very wide range of sounds. This amp uses a real tube in the Pre-Amp which doesn't sacrifice much tone at all, but causes the prices of the amp to be significantly cheaper. With Gain up higher, it does get a tad noisy but doesn't interfere much. This amp is not quiet and not loud, it can easily play over a drum kit. The "Normal" Channel does get distorted when up high. I found that to get fully clean, chimey sound, the channel volume had to be under 9 o' Clock. All up, this suits Perfectly to my guitar and my style of music. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would use this at a gig without hesitation. It has never failed on me, ever. It has no problems with it being stock, though some people would change the speakers that come with it. I think they're just fine. It's build quality is exceptionally well done and tightly put together, minor bumps wouldn't have effects on it besides cosmetic damage. // 10

Overall Impression: This amp is VERY well suited to my style of music, and my guitar. I've tried other guitars with this amp and they have been a variety of Gibson Guitars including a Les Paul Standard, and an ES-335 and they sound very punchy and mid-rangy. Perfect for my style of music. It looks very nice and vintage. It could be louder, but "meh". IF it were stolen, I'd cry. Yes, that is how much I love this amp. Critisize me if you must. I have a Line 6 Spider III 15w but I never use it. I only use that when I desperately need volume, in which case it is VERY loud. // 10

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