Australia (Brisbane), February 25, 2010 Review

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ac dc: Australia (Brisbane), February 25, 2010
Australia, Brisbane, QSAC Stadium, 25th February, 2010. Overall impression was fantastic. The sound was loud and music was great too.
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 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Brisbane), February 25, 2010 Reviewed by: jdb97, on may 09, 2012
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Sound: Brian Johnson kept up his raspy voice all night. Not once did he ever lose it. He belted out all the songs to the perfect pitch, but by the end of the night you could tell he was done for (he is 63 though). Malcom used a Gretsch all night and kept the chugging rhythm going, Angus used a Cherry Gibson SG but changed half way through to a Black Gibson SG custom. Overall impression was fantastic. The sound was loud and music was great too. They had a good speaker set up and blasted the entire stadium, no doubt it was LOUD. // 9

Perfomance: Did the audience enjoy it? The audience LOVED it and did not stop dancing, singing or moving the whole night. Everyone sung and danced to the classics and their own favourites. I personally had the best night of my life. One of the best concerts I have been to, EVER. Their set list: 01. Rock 'N Roll Train - Started off with the best 02. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 03. Back In Black - Ripped this song right up 04. Big Jack 05. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 06. Shot Down In Flames 07. Thunderstruck - My Favourite!!!! 08. Black Ice 09. The Jack 10. Hells Bells 11. Shoot To Thrill 12. War Machine 13. Dog Eat Dog (Or High Voltage) 14. Anything Goes 15. You Shook Me All Night Long 16. T.N.T. 17. Whole Lotta Rosie 18. Let There Be Rock 19. Highway To Hell 20. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - Finished with the perfect one The funniest thing was when Angus dropped his dacks and had a pair of AC/DC boxers on! CLASSIC! And the start of the show had an animated movie of Angus on a train as a devil. // 9

Overall Impression: Australia, Brisbane, QSAC Stadium, 25th February, 2010. Calling All Cars (heavy metal band) started first. Then Wolfmother played for a while (also a very good gig). Then AC/DC came on. I love most about this show is that these guys aren't young, but they are still gig strong. Just the most amazing band in the entire world, and who will replace them? No-one. I did not hate anything about the show except for the expensive merchandise. The ticket cost $110 and it was definitely worth all it's dollars for that great show. The most unforgettable moment was when they played a short film dedicated to Bon Scott. Everyone was out of their seat and for about a minute the 50,000 of us were silent. If AC/DC ever come back to Australia I will, by sure as hell, go back and see them. // 10

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