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ac dc: UK (London), April 14, 2009
As far as the sonic qualities of the performance were concerned, it was as one would expect from AC/DC - very tight, with absolutely no "What on earth was that?" moments.
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UK (London), April 14, 2009 Reviewed by: CarpUK, on april 17, 2009
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Sound: When the missus picked up tickets for this, my first thoughts were "Wooooot!", followed by "I hope they can still cut it". Suffice to say, I had no reason to worry. Brian can still belt it out, still hit the notes... Angus is still pulsates with energy whilst doing his thing... And the back three still power it all along wonderfully. As far as the sonic qualities of the performance were concerned, it was as one would expect from AC/DC - very tight, with absolutely no "What on earth was that? moments. One aspect I enjoyed particularly was the tempo at which they played, which seemed much closer to that of the studio recordings than the sped-up-a-bit tempo I remember from the Razor's Edge tour. Personally, I prefer their stuff at the original tempo as it retains it's crisp rock bounce, rather than slipping into a more metally headlong dash. If it weren't for my mild hearing damage, I'd acuse the sound desk of losing Angus in the mix from time to time. However, the missus seemed to think it was fine and her ears are a lot better than mine, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. // 9

Perfomance: Spring follows winter, it gets dark at night, all that is born must die, and AC/DC concerts contain inflatable Rosies, bells (from hell), cannons, strip-teases, Angus convulsing on a raised platform, and plenty of crowd involvement. This one was no different. All the gimmicks were there, entirely predictably, and with the exception of the hopeless cannons ('For those about to rock... FIRE! *pop*'), it all worked a treat. As far as the setlist was concerned, there were four from Black Ice, plus a decent percentage of their classics. Hells Bells, For those about to Rock, Let there be Rock, Back in Black, Highway to Hell, TNT, The Jack, Whole Lotta Rosie, all present and all very correct. Yeah, there was other stuff I'd have liked to have heard in there, but given they played for the best part of two hours, I ain't gonna quibble. If I've got one gripe about the presentation, it would have to be with rendered video stuff that accompanied the new stuff. It had the look of a cheap n' tacky after thought (and inflatable 19st tarts aren't tacky... ? Oh, you know what I mean! ), especially as the other video stuff fitted nicely. // 8

Overall Impression: This was April 14th '09 show at the O2 (the venue formally known as the Millenium Dome), London, and I will not be attending their subsequent night, not because I wouldn't (I would gladly do so), but because I'm rather attached to my kidneys and don't particularly want to sell one in order to buy a ticket off eBay. As far as the face cost of the tickets was concerned, I genuinely can't remember what it was as we were lucky enough to get them for that, so it wasn't especially expensive. To put it another way, the only part of the night that I thought was a total rip-off was the carpark at the O2, which at 20 for the night was just ridiculous. Having said all that, this stuff isn't about money, it's about the night, and that was, overall, superb. AC/DC have still got it in bucketloads, and unlike so many *cough* older acts, they're still true to the thing they do. There's no re-interpretations of material, no accoustic versions, no endless monologues between songs, they just get out there and go for it, just as always. Overall... Yeah, I loved it. Oh, just one tip for the future (apart from "don't pack it up")... Play some smaller, sweatier, rowdier venues. Big places like the O2 really don't do justice to what is basically the world's best pub band. // 9

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