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artist: angels and airwaves date: 04/16/2008 category: live concerts
angels and airwaves: UK (Southampton), April 14, 2008
The audience were excellent. Every time a sing-a-long part came along, they knew the words.
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UK (Southampton), April 14, 2008 Reviewed by: slann101, on april 16, 2008
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Sound: The first thing we noticed was the brilliant job done by the sound crew. It was loud, but every instrument could be clearly heard. It took a couple of minutes to achieve this, but it was worth it. Tom attacked the songs impressively considering the music of Blink 182, although his voice did break a few times during the higher pitched parts. Both Tom's and the bands guitarist guitars were Gibsons, although I couldn't tell you the models. Tom regularly used his green and white striped axe, which looked pretty classy. // 8

Perfomance: The audience were excellent. Every time a sing-a-long part came along, they knew the words. I was a little out of my depth here, as I hadn't listened to AVA before the weekend before. But I found the energy highly contagious, and the crowd went while when the more popular tracks started. As I said above, I couldn't tell you all the songs played, but I can remember some. Opened with Call To Arms (energetic song, good vocals, got the crowd going). Love Like Rockets (for some reason Tom's vocals cut out a little here, although the crowd happily replaced him). Sirens (again, you couldn't hear Tom in the chorus due to the crowd. The bassist could not be heard either). Everything's Magic (my favourite. A few bottles was thrown into the audience, and they really got into the stride of things, pulling poses at every opportunity). Distraction (highlight from the first album. Audience sang the intro. It was one of those moments where it all slowed down and seemed incredible). Rite Of Spring (massive screaming after the punk rock band line). They ended with Valkyrie Missile (the lighting was amazing with strobe, flashes and brilliant backlighting with tom dedicating it to Southampton and asking them to do something amazing the next day). The only decoration apart from the backdrop was the white bloodstained flags put up for decoration. They used a lot of flashing green and blue lights and strobe, which was good. At one point Tom took out a massive searchlight and started singling out areas of crowd, and after that he put on a pair of glasses with lasers attached. About three words into the speech, Tom was hit by a pint glass full of water. This led to him glaring into our direction after we shouted "Owned" before the crowd shoved the offender forward. Tom proceeded to claim he hopes he gets raped by a dog and has his sexual organs and insides removed. Still, he admitted that he did the same in his youth before asking the audience if they wanted more. // 9

Overall Impression: I saw them on the 14th April 2008 in the Southampton Guildhall, UK during their 10 date 08 tour. They had a punk rock emo band youmeatsix for support. They had watched way too much Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, and I soon forgot them. I didn't hate anything about the show. The atmosphere was electric with the crowd lending themselves 100% to the performance. The banter was both inspirational (which I'm embarrassed to admit) and funny (baiting the crowd by asking if they were from various other UK cities. Southampton's a very proud city). The tickets were 17.50 (that's about $35 for the American or Australian readers) which was good for the show. They played for about 2 hours, and addressed each of the type of concert goers (the long time fans, the curious, and the loyal friends who went along regardless of not knowing the band) which made everyone feel valued. The most unforgettable moments of the gig? Definitely the dog rape comment, the drum solo by the drummer and Tom in the encore and 4000 odd people singing distraction. I will definitely go to their next gig. // 10

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