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artist: angels and airwaves date: 08/21/2006 category: live concerts
angels and airwaves: USA (Houston), July 15, 2006
The audience was singing along with every song. The energy was just incredible.
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USA (Houston), July 15, 2006 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 21, 2006
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Sound: As everyone, or at least anyone who has heard Boxcar Racer or Blink 182, knows that Tom does not have the best voice in the world. However, I found at this show, his singing was a lot better than when I had previously saw him with Blink 182. Maybe it has to do with the music or something, but it wasn't half bad. The instruments Tom and Dave used were custom Gibson ES335. The sound was very good, very high quality. The music was excellent, flawless. // 8

Perfomance: The audience was singing along with every song. The energy was just incredible. They only played around, I think, 6 songs or so, because Tom's flight in from San Diego was late, and they go on stage over an hour late! The songs I remember them playing were- Distraction, Do It for Me Now, Down-went into The Adventure, The War, and Valkyrie Missile. I was upset that I didn't get to hear my favorite song A Little's Enough. The effects at the show, all the lights and everything were great, but just slightly overdone. I respect Tom and everything he's done, but come on, the white flags they put up to symbolize a struggle, that is ridiculous. // 8

Overall Impression: The concert was held in Houston, Texas at the Reliant Arena on July 15, 2006. The openers were horrible The Subways and Head Automatica. Angels And Airwaves were also an opener for Taking Back Sunday, Who was the main act. The show was amazing. However, Tom's constant speeches about how we need to make a change and we can do anything we want if we want it bad enough, got really old, really quick. He's also going on as if he's so mature now, but don't be fooled. He didn't show much maturity at the show. Also, his whole heavenly, put your arms out thing was kinda strange. The tickets (pit) were I think 30 bucks each. I wouldn't have paid a dollar to see the Subways or Head Automatica, but hell, Angels And Airwaves was worth 20 bucks (only because they went on stage over an hour late and only played 6 songs) and Taking Back Sunday, I would have paid 100 bucks to see them. If AVA came back, I would definetely see them again. // 8

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