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artist: black crowes date: 07/21/2008 category: live concerts
black crowes: Australia (Sydney), March 30, 2008
Although the Crowes aren't the kind of band that would be subject to too much mass hysteria, the audience clearly enjoyed the whole thing, with many sing-a-longs in the right places.
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Australia (Sydney), March 30, 2008 Reviewed by: les_paul_01, on july 21, 2008
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Sound: The Crowes have been honing their sound for nearly 20 years, and it really shows, their Live presence being very strong, with a really natural, organic kind of sound (as natural as you can get with Marshall stacks, anyway). Singer Chris Robinson sounded great. His vocals never overpowered, but could be heard easily at all times. His Husky kind of voice really complements the rest of the band. The band had a pretty typical rock n roll setup. Guitarist Rich Robinson tended to stick with a 335, switching to a Tele, a Zemaitis and an acoustic on occasion. Other guitarist Luther Dickinson used a Strat for most of the show. The Bassist stuck with what looked like a Fender Precision for most of the show. The sound they produce now in a concert is pretty different from their early 90s stuff (which unfortunately seem to be what most people remember them for). They tend to jam a lot, something they've clearly honed throughout the years, because it really takes The Music somewhere else (unlike the normal play-exactly-like-it-is-on-the-record kind of thing). // 8

Perfomance: The audience was really appreciative. Although the Crowes aren't the kind of band that would be subject to too much mass hysteria, the audience clearly enjoyed the whole thing, with many sing-a-longs in the right places ("She Talks To Angels" particularly). Their setlist was pretty varied. It focused heavily on "Warpaint", their latest release, though naturally with a back catalogue like theirs, it's hard to miss songs like "Hard To Handle", "Remedy" & "Jealous Again", all of which were highlights of the night. I guess the one downside of the whole performance was that because their sound has evolved so much since the early 90s, that the songs from that era (particularly off the debut album) lack the punch they originally had. It'd be unfair to expect a band to keep the exact sound their whole career (especially when experimenting has brought such impressive results), but it was something I couldn't help noticing. // 7

Overall Impression: The concert was in the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney on the 30th of March 2008. The opening act was the Casanovas, a pretty typical 3-piece Rock n Roll kind of act. It's a pity the crowd didn't really swell till just before the Crowes came on, because the Casanovas play a style that's really hard not to enjoy and dance to. The show was, on the whole, really enjoyable. I've only been a fan of the band for a short time, so I haven't had a chance to really get to know all their stuff (I also hadn't listened to Warpaint prior). But the nice thing is, for much of their stuff, being introduced to the song Live is the best possible way to do it. Songs of the album such as "Oh Josephine" and "Wounded Bird" work best in the Live arena. The show was around $100, which although a bit expensive, is something I guess Australians have gotten used to in seeing international acts. That problem lies with the promoters and the ticketing companies, not the band, so I'm not going to let it detract from the band's performance. It'd be unfair to say only one or two moments were the highlight of the entire night. I guess with bands like the Crowes, it's more the entire performance than one or two individual songs. Having said that, having the whole building chanting "Can I have some Remedy?" was pretty special. On the whole, a really enjoyable show. It might be a while, but I'm looking forward to the next concert. // 9

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