Australia (Sydney), September 9, 2004 Review

artist: blink 182 date: 07/16/2009 category: live concerts
blink 182: Australia (Sydney), September 9, 2004
The set list was incredible showing off their talents by adapting there new material into the live arena and still rocking out with somne golden oldies.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), September 9, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 10, 2004
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Sound: I'm my opinion the sound got better from the opneing band after the fall to when Blink closed the show. I found it easy to hear the songs clearly, the quality of the sound is of a high standard of is expected of a class act like Blink 182. // 10

Perfomance: As an audience member I found the show to be absolutly amazing. The set list was incredible showing off their talents by adapting there new material into the live arena and still rocking out with somne golden oldies, personal favourites were Carousel, the whole double encore (which was perfect, and we did deserve it, haha) Stockholm Syndrome, all of this and I Miss You blew me away. The gap between songs was well filled by their witty humour making fun of themselves and crowd members making as fun as possible for the crowd. Perfect. // 10

Overall Impression: The show at the Hordern Pavillion in Australia on the 9th of September, was an all round excellent show. The opening bands got better as the night went on with Sparta playing a solid set. Nothing to hate about this one, the highlight had to be the first ever double encore, what a night three extra songs blew me away. It was well worth the 63 dollars and I personally wouldve payed double or even tripple to see a show of this calibar it was abosultly excellent what a show to finish of the tour. I will be waiting for their return and definatly be attending the show. 12/10 what a show from the best band in the world. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Australia (Sydney), September 9, 2004 Reviewed by: actaderock, on july 16, 2009
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Sound: About the singer skills, this is the Tom DeLonge everyone loves, not just by his look, his voice actuall sounds Punk and not like in the Blink reunion (AVA voice, mellow and depressive, sounds like if he was pooping). About Mark, he has always been great, he tunes very good to Tom's high pitched voice, like in the ''Na na na'' in All The Small Things. The quality of the sound was obviously really good, it is the Big Day Out, what bothered me is that Tom actually messes up his riffs (like Dumpweed or Dammit) but I think that is just ''for having fun.'' Mark is using a Fender Bass, it is OK (like better the Pink bass and the Octopus bass, not just for their looks) and Tom was using a crappy Stratocaster (all Stratocasters are crappy for me, I don't like them) and you can inmediatley recognize that Tom is playing with a Stratocaster (without watching, just hearing). // 8

Perfomance: The audience obviously enjoyed seeing Blink, I mean it is freaking Blink 182. Not just their music is awesome, they have really good jokes and they move around and stuff. These are the songs they played (I am not sure about the order): 01.Going Away To College: not a very well known song, but really good, Tom and Mark do really good double vocals in this one, probably one of the best double vocals in all the show. Tom messed his riff. 02.Dumpweed: Travis' drumming is awesome in this one, again Tom messed his riff and some chords, but the way he sings that Chrous is awesome. 03.Patehtic: this one was sloppy, but I dont know this song too much, so I am not going to comment a lot about it. 04.Carousel: first of all, Mark played the old school Carousel bass intro (the one in Buddha) and that made me feel happy. Eventhough Tom was sloppy (specially in the intro when all the band entered) he played his riffs almost perfectly. 05.Aliens Exist: not much to comment about this one, averege song. 06.All The Small Things: one of the best songs by this band, I think this one of the best-played in the concert. The people were so crazy, it was really cool. 07.What's My Age Again: Tom played the intro really good (*coughs* for the Tom DeLonge level *coughs*) and in the chorus when Tom back-vocals Mark with ''no body likes you when you are 23!'' sounds kickass. 08.Don't Leave Me: The band in general did really good in this one and the double vocals were one of the best. 09.Mutt: The song a lot of people know, most of them know this one because of American Pie, Tom messed his riff, but people were crazy! 10.Dammit: Another really well-known song, Tom played his riffs in a really sloppy. But I think this was probably the best song played because it sounds nothing like the CD, but you can still rely to it, the adds like ''Take your pants off!'' and the Scrubs thing in the bridge. 11.Blow Job Song: Good way for starting ''the end'' of the concert. This is one of those song just to chill out, cool one. 12.Good Bye So Long: The last real song of the show, good one to close and was played in a smooth way by all the band in general. 13.Genie In A Bottle: Mark sang really good in this one and Tom double vocaled in a kickass way. Funny moments were a lot in this gig, the ''Mark has my sperm in his teeth,'' ''give the big finger to America,'' and the ''dad jokes'' (the dad jokes were things like, hey Tom, you sucked your dad's cock) and they played with the dad thing during all the show. No ilumination or stuff, but it is also cool to see guys surfing in the crowd and girls showing their boobs. // 8

Overall Impression: Sidney, Australia Big Day Out 2000. In this Big Day Out, there were other good bands, NIN, Foo Fighters and RHCP. I loved the jokes, The Music and their looks, but hated when Tom messed up (one or two times is Ok, but in every freaking song is not good). I don't remember how much the show costed, sorry. The most unforgetable moment (other than the great songs, Dammit, All The Small Things, What's My Age Again) were the nude girls for sure. Of course I am going to the next gig, but I don't think I will go to Australia again, they will have to come to Colombia I guess. // 10

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