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blink 182: UK (London), June 9, 2012
The gig was on the 9th June 2012 at the O2 arena in London. The support acts were Twin Atlantic and All-American Rejects. The entire show was unforgettable.
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UK (London), June 9, 2012 Reviewed by: squirrel1251, on june 14, 2012
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Sound: I was sitting in the upper tier of the Arena, and I have to say I don't think I've heard much clearer quality. The bass was enough to make the floor thump, yet it was balanced beautifully with the mids and trebles. Both Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge were singing on top form - with Tom singing both old and new Blink incredibly well. I was blown away by how much his voice has improved since Reading 2010. Mark as usual was singing amazingly too. // 10

Perfomance: The show began right on time. The curtain fell and the crowd went wild. The light show was brilliant - with the lazers and lights sticking to a black and white theme to match the "Neighborhoods" album cover. I thought that the standing crowd was amazing - they seemed to know every song and weren't afraid to start a few moshes. This died out as the crowd went further back, with people sitting for the duration. Song list: 01. "Feeling This" - A brilliant song to begin the show - set the bar high with an accompanying strobe light show. 02. "Up All Night" - The first of the "Neighborhoods" tracks got heads banging, more people up on their feet and a mass sing-a-long. 03. "The Rock Show" - Once again, the crowd knew every word, with both Mark, Tom and Travis playing perfectly in time. 04. "What's My Age Again?" - This was amazing. Colour began to Shine through the black-and-white light show, adding a new level of epic. 05. "Down" - The quieter songs begin, yet the bands enthusiasm doesn't hinder as this beautiful song is played 06. "I Miss You" - Lighters and arms waving, one of Blink's ballads goes down a storm as the lights calm and the hype relaxes. 07. "Wishing Well" - Personally, I thought this song was done really well. Less of the crowd knew it, but it was still popular. 08. "Happy Holidays, You B****rd" - The energy and hype from Blink's old days is restored with this short burst of typical Blink pop-punk. 09. "Dumpweed" - Introduced as a song for the old fans... Although everyone knew the words and were dancing or moshing or headbanging along 09. "Always" - Another amazing song from Greatest Hits. 10. "Violence" - Another song not many people knew - including myself. I recognised the song but I was unsure of the lyrics yet the sound quality meant every word was loud and clear. 11. "After Midnight" - Our first look at the sheer talent of Travis Barker. The drummer played this intro incredibly well, and Mark and Tom sang it well aswell, making this a highlight of the night. 12. "First Date" - the onslaught of drum intros continues with an older hit from the band. 13. "Hearts All Gone" - Travis aced this song. Amazing. 14. "Man Overboard" - Can't remember this one too well, but it was still brilliant. 15. "Ghost On The Dance Floor" - The opening track from the new album was done brilliantly, with the synths playing at studio quality whilst the band kept with the quality. 16. "All The Small Things" - Possibly Blink-182's biggest hit was definitely the one the crowd knew the best. Absolutely incredible. 17. "Josie" - The closer for the main show really left the crowd hungry for a lot more. Encore: 18. "Reckless Abandon (Stripped Down Version)" - Mark and Tom played this unexpected track on a mini stage in the middle of the standing crowd. Awesome. 19. "Can A Drummer Get Some (Travis Barker Drum Solo)" - wow. This was just unreal. The four or five minute drum solo was oozing talent. 20. "Carousel" - The older hit was awesome. Just awesome. 21. "Dammit" - Another song everyone knew, moshes re-arose and lots of the upper tier stood up for this one (incredible I know). 22. "Family Reunion" - 16,000 people shouting an onslaught of swear words repeatedly. Awesome end to the show. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was on the 9th June 2012 at the O2 arena in London. The support acts were Twin Atlantic and All-American Rejects who I believe to have gone down quite well with the eager fans. The entire show was unforgettable and I'm now looking into tickets for Brixton Academy, and I can't wait for more tours in the future. // 10

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